Alexander H. Benedict

Family reference: 343.241

Born Born 14 June 1812 Fabius, New York State
Married Married 31 Dec 1836 Eliza Smith
Died Died 20 March 1848 on his farm, Lafayette, New York


  • Father: Levi Benedict; 1782-1831
  • Mother: Sarah Losse (or Losey); 1793-


  1. L. Smith Benedict; 1840-1859
  2. James Alexander Benedict; 1842-1915
  3. L. Maria Benedict; 1844-1909

The Parents of Alexander

Little is known of Levi Benedict and Mercy Weed. They are buried at Fabius in New York State.

Alexander and Eliza

Eliza was the daughter of Ichabod Smith and Lois Smith and was born May 29, 1816. Her father died in his one hundredth year in 1869.

Alexander was a farmer and a logger in Lafayette, Onondaga co., New York. When just 36 years old, he was killed while building a new frame house to replace their old log house. While cutting logs to be cut into timber, he was struck by the rolling of the 100th log on March 20, 1848. At the time they were living on Newell Hill Road in Lafayette.

Alexander died without a will and leaving Eliza to raise their three children. She was appointed administrator of the estate on March 27. Four years later, on June 13, 1852 she married Thomas H. Richardson. Thomas has enlisted in Company H, 16th Regiment of New York Heavy Artillery on Jan. 5, 1864 and was discharged on Aug. 21, 1865. He was a school teacher in Fayetteville School System. Eliza died June 5, 1893 and Thomas died 11 years later on Sept. 28, 1904. Both are buried in Berwyn cemetery near Pompey1.



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