Captain Daniel Benedict

Family reference: 521

Born Born 1705   Danbury, Conn.
Married Married Oct 1728 Sarah Hickok at Location
Died Died 9 Nov 1773   at Location


  • Daniel Benedict4, (Daniel3, Daniel2, Thomas1)



  1. Daniel Benedict; 1731-1776
  2. LT Lemuel Benedict; 1734-1804
  3. Rev Noah Benedict; 1737-1813
  4. Sarah Benedict 1740- m Joseph Platt Cooke, Col and Judge
  5. Jonas Benedict; 1742-1820
  6. LT Aaron Benedict; 1745-1841
  7. Ruth Benedict 1748-1752
  8. Mary Benedict 1751-
  9. Amos Benedict 1754-1777

Sarah Hickok/Hickox

Sarah was b 1709, d 6May1784


Benedicts To America Vol I, pg 365
Lieut Daniel2, Thomas1
He was born at Southold, L.I. 165_, and after his removal to Norwalk, CT, married Mary, dau of Matthew2 Marvin* of Norwalk, CT. (Hall, p 182). He was a soldier in the direful swamp fight, 19Dec1675, a fight which has scarcely a parallel in the annals of ancient or modern warefare. At a town (Norwalk) meeting, 12Jan1676: "The towne in consideration of the good service that the soldiers sent out of the towne ingaged and performed by them, and out of respect and thankfulness to the sayd soldiers, doe with one consent and freely give and grant to so many as were in the direful swamp fight twelve acors of land; and eight acors of land to so many as were in the next considerable service." Accordingly, there was granted by the plantation, as a gratuity unto Daniel Benedict, "being a souldier in the Indian warr twelve acres of land and lyeth in three parcels." (Hall, p 63) He sold his property in Norwalk 25Mar1690, and moved to Danbury, CT. The date of his death is not known. He was certainly living 15Feb1722-1723. His signature is attached to a deed bearing date 17Aug1717 in the Norwalk Records. Ch:
- Mary
2. Daniel
- Mercy
- Hannah m Nathan Taylor; and their son James, m Elizabeth Benedict?)

Per Benedicts to America Vol I, pg 366
3. Capt Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Thomas1
b 1705; m Oct1728, Sarah Hickok, b 1709, and d 6May1784. Her tombstone is still standing, and bears this inscription:
"Here lies buried the body of Mrs. Sarah Benedict, the meek, benevolent, and virtuous consort of Capt. Daniel Benedict.". He d 9Nov1773, and on his tombstone we read the following: "He was for many years Deacon of this town (Danbury), and by an exemplary life and conversation endorsed the sincerity of his Christian profession. 'The memory of the righteous is blessed. '" Inventiory shows real, Lb1,085 16s. 4d; movables, Lb262 6s Id. (Probate Recordes, Vol II, pg 451.) Cd
8. Daniel b 27Dec1731; d 6Apr1776
9. Lemuel b 10Aug1734; d 28Mar1804
10. Noah b 25May1737; d 30Apr1813
- Sarah, b 16Jun1740; m 22Nov1759, Judge Joseph Platt Cooke, son of Rev Samuel Cooke of Stratfield, CT, b 24Dec1729 (O.S.) and d 3Feb1816. Mrs. B. inherited the traditionary talent of the branch of the family to which she belonged. Her husband, Col. Joseph Platt Cooke, graduated at Yale College in 1750. He established himself in Danbury, CT, and when the British, under Gen. Tryon, having landed at Compo Point, on Long Island Sound, 25Apr1777, marched upon that place, he was Colonel of militia there. Upon the death of Gen. Wooster the command devolved upon Col Cooke, the next in rank. "Col Cooke was greatly esteemed, not only by the community, but by the leading men of the country. He enjoyed the friendship and confidence of Washington, and the acquaintance of Lafayette, Rochambeau and De Grasse, whom he entertained at his house. He was a member of Congress under the confereration, and subsequently filled the various offices of judge of the county court, judge of probate and member of the Governor's Council. His style of living was liberal. In manners he was sedate, courteous, methodical in all his ways; he wore breeches, knee-buckles, shoe buckles, and a cocked hat to the last. The amenity and serenity of his countenance bespoke the refined gentleman and disciplined Christian." (See Goodrich's Recollections of a Life-time, pp 326-30; also, same for account of Daniel Benedict Cooke, son of Col Joseph, who was represenative and judge of probate many years.)
11. Jonas b 21Sep1742; d 31Oct1820
12. Aaron b 6Jun1774; d 18Dec1841
- Ruth b 14Jun1748; d 16Aug1752
- Mary b 30May1751
- Amos b 17Mar1754. He grad. at Yale College, 1774. "Entered the service of his country, served through the campaign of 1776, having an appointment (aid-de-camp of Gen. Washington) in the Continental army; received the small pox by inocculation, of which he died 18Feb1777. " There is also inscribed upon his tombstone -- "In this warfare there is no difference."


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