Hezekiah Benedict

Born Born 1716   at location
Married Married   Hannah Judd at Location
Died Died ca 1807   Schoharie county, NY



  1. Jemima Benedict
  2. Hannah Benedict; 1747-1799
  3. Asahel Benedict; 1749-1802
  4. Elijah Benedict
  5. Hezekiah Benedict; 1754-
  6. John Benedict; ca 1750-bef 1807
  7. David Benedict; 1760-1826
  8. James Benedict; 1761-1843
  9. Obadiah Benedict; baptized at Bethel, Conn., 25 Sept 1765
  10. Dorcas Benedict; d. unmarried

The Final Years for Hezekiah

Hezekiah was a royalist in the American Revolution, and would have been about 60 years of age by that time, with a full family. He ended up moving to the next state of New York, to Schoharie county around 1775 or -76, towards the end of the war, where he later died. His will was made on February 4, 1807 and was proved twenty days later1.


* Family reference: 444
  • Family Tree: Benedict Generations
  • Lineage: Hezekiah Benedict4, (James3, James2, Thomas1)
  • Books:
    • GBA-I p. 2861

Notes on the Children

  • Jemima married Elmer [---].
  • Hannah married Abel5 Benedict (Isaac,4 Nathaniel,3 Samuel,2 Thomas1), a great-grandson of Samuel.1
  • Obadiah; further research may be required to confirm his lineage. Per Chapman Brothers (see Obadiah's bio page), he was "a native of Scotland." It is possible that he was adopted into the Benedict family.


  1. "Genealogy of the Benedicts in America", by Henry M. Benedict; 1st pub. 1870; orig. avail. at Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington, DC.

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