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George Eayrs [PID250]

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The first mention of George AYRES (his name is spelled in different ways in different documents) that we can find today is that of published banns for his marriage to Mary FOWLER, on 23 November 1787 at the parish church in Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire.

Here is a copy of the solemnization record2, number 25 in the Parish Weddings Register.

Marriage Banns George Ayres & Mary Fowler

For a larger version of this image click here. Notice that his name is given as AYERS but he signs as AYRES.

It is interesting that they are both named as 'of this parish', although no other trace of either of them has yet been found in any other Castle Bytham parish records. Both George and Mary seem to have signed their names themselves; from this we can infer that despite being an agricultural labourer George will have had some education.

It is also interesting to note that one of the witnesses is a Joseph EAYRS, although not yet clear who this Joseph is (but see below).

Shortly after their marriage George and Mary seem to have moved to nearby Market Deeping. A Resettlement Certificate3 (or ’Certificate of Settlement’) from Castle Bytham to Market Deeping was submitted on the 11 March 1788 for ‘George HAIRS (sic) labourer and Mary his wife’ who were 'legally settled' in Castle Bytham. The document was witnessed by a Robert Fowler of Castle Bytham (he signed with 'his mark'), and it is perhaps acceptable to speculate that this Robert Fowler is a relative of Mary Fowler. The resettlement was allowed on 17 March 1788. and you can see a copy of the Resettlement Certificate 4 here (and the inscription on the back here, with Joseph's name spelled EAYRS). The resettlement certificate for Joseph and Jane and witnessed by George (the signatures are similar) might imply a relationship.

two signatures of George Ayres

This Joseph (or another of the same name) had earlier been in Deeping St James, as shown by another resettlement certificate from Ufford dated 8 Jan 1870)5.

A George Eayrs was buried in Market Deeping on 7 December 18071.

George and Mary had four children. The first born was Thomas, who was born in Market Deeping in 1788. His mother Mary would have been a couple of months pregnant when she married. A little over a year later a son William was born, but sadly he died before his second birthday. A third child was born three years later and was also named William, followed some six years later by a daughter Mary.

A 'George Eayrs' was buried in Market Deeping on 7 December 18071. The Parish register for Market Deeping records HARE (of this parish) buried on 7 Dec 1807, registered the same day. The bishop’s transcripts read ‘George EAYRE - Dec 7th” (burial entry #183), and this is confirmed in the National Burial Index. It has not been possible to validate this burial as the George we are concerned with.

Thus George EAYRS. On his marriage certificate his name was written by the clerk as AYERS but he clearly signs as AYRES. His ’Certificate of Settlement’) from Castle Bytham to Market Deeping is in the name of George HAIRS. His children’s births are recorded as EAYRS (the first two) and EYRE (the second two). His burial (assuming it is his) was recorded as HARE in the parish register but as EAYRE in the Bishop's Transcript for Market Deeping. A very good example of the joys of family history research.


  1. A George Eayrs is listed as buried on 7 December 1807 in Bishop's Transcript for Market Deeping, Burial number 183.
  2. Photocopy from Castle Bytham Parish Register, taken at the Lincoln County Archive. Original seen.
  3. Photocopy from documents found in the Parish Chest at Castle Bytham parish church, now held at the Lincoln County Archive. Original seen
  4. Photocopy from documents found in the Parish Chest at Market Deeping parish church, now held at the Lincoln County Archive. Original seen
  5. The Deeping St James parish chest has settlement certificate showing Joseph Eayres and Jane his wife legally settled in the parish of Ufford in the liberty of Peterborough in the County of Northampton (8 Jan 1790). Now in Lincoln CRO.

-- MartinEayrs - 02 Mar 2011

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