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Eayrs Web - Home Page

This page has three sections: 1) An introductory text; 2) some tips and comments on how to get best use of this site; 3) details of the Eayrs One Name Study.

You will get around the site more efficiently if you read this information.

1. A brief introduction

This is one of a number of related websites dealing with the EAYRS family. Others include:

All the above links - and all outgoing links on this site - will open in a new window, leaving this window open underneath the new one.

On this site a good starting point is George Eayrs; b. 1760, d. 1827. He is the earliest ancestor of the EAYRS line under investigation here about whom verifiable information is available. Initially this site will follow his Y chromosome descent down to the present day, and the intention is to adopt a narrative approach, combining known fact and anecdote and taking care to distinguish between the two.

The current known spear-side line of descent of George Eayrs is as follows:

Descent of George Eayrs

If you would like to start with another person click on the Personal IDs link at the top left of any page and then click on the person of your choice. Or if you are familiar with the structure of the site you can navigate your way through George's page to where you want to be.

Information on distaff and other family members will of course be included on this web, but for ease of maintenance the information is structured as a linear study through the male side.

2. Some tips and comments to get the best use of this site

  • Numbers in square brackets like [250] refer to Personal ID numbers and are common to all EAYRS sites. A list of PID numbers is available here. It is helpful if these PID numbers are used in any correspondence.
  • For sources and references hover your cursor over blue superscript numbers (example here1) to reveal a text balloon. A list of references will also appear at the foot of each page.
  • It is very important to record sources wherever possible, as it allows other researchers to verify your findings. The best way is to upload a scanned copy and also add a reference to detail the source. If you add to this wiki please endeavour to do this.
  • Information on living individuals will not be included here without the permission of the persons involved. The cut off year for deciding whether a person might be living or not will be 1905.
  • Because this is basically a Y-chromosome study, and to avoid too much duplication, where information is common to both partners in a marriage the bulk of information (including children) will be detailed under the husband.
  • For convenience sake I have sometimes used the 'Eayrs' spelling when in fact documentation has recorded alternate spellings. There has been little consistency, with individuals using different spellings on different occasions, and often a different spelling for parents and children. For the record, I have so far in my research found the following variants: Ahier, Aiers, Aies, Airs, Aras, Aris, Arris, Ayers, Ayres, Eaires, Eare, Eares, Earris, Earys, Eayers, Eayes, Eayres, Eayrs, Eays, Eeries, Eyers, Eyre, Eyres, Eyrs, Hair, Hairs, Hare, Hares and Hayers. It is useful to bear this in mind if adding to this research.
  • You can also use the links in the sidebar to navigate through the site. The Eayrs Web Home button will always bring you back to this page.

3. The Eayrs One Name Study

If you are interested in other Eayrs families you should know that the editor of the Eayrs Web (Martin Eayrs) is also the link person for 'Eayrs' research at the the Guild of One Name Studies (also known as GOONS), and will be happy to exchange information with you about any Eayrs living at any time, anywhere. You can contact Martin here.

There is also a considerable amount of information about other Eayrs families here (this link will open in a new page).



  1. This is an example of the text used to indicate sources or other references

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