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Name David Coleman Smith

Born Born Nov. 8, 1874 at Bourg Louis, Quebec
Died Died April 26, 1946 at Chute Panet, Quebec
Married Married 1894 to Mary Jane Davidson at Bourg Louis, Quebec


  • Father: John Smith
  • Mother: Margaret Davidson


  1. Arthur John Smith1902-1986
  2. Child 2
  3. Child 3

_The Parents of _

The Parents of David Coleman Smith were John Smith and Margaret Davidson.

Davidís Early Years

David Coleman Smith was born November 8, 1874 in Chute Panet, Quebec. He was the third of six children.

_David Smith and Mary Jane Davidson .

David Smith and Mary Jane Davidson were married about 1894 David in Bourg Louis, Quebec Son Arthur John Smith was born September 2, 1902 in Chute Panet, Quebec. David raised silver foxes in the Grand Rang area near Bourg Louis. On April 26, 1946 David passed away at the age of 77. David is buried in Bourg Louis, Quebec.


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