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Born Born September 25, 1840 at Co. Antrim, Ireland
Died Died ? at ?
Married Married 1860 to Joseph Vachon at Bourg Louis, Quebec


  • Father:David Davidson
  • Mother:Sarah Knox


  1. Alexander Vachon1885-1953
  2. Andrew George Vachon?1878-?
  3. Anna Priscilla Vachon?1882-?
  4. James A. Vachon?1864-?
  5. John A. Vachon?1868-?
  6. Joseph Frances Xavier Vachon?1880-?
  7. Louis A. Vachon?1865-?
  8. Louise Jane Vachon?1876-?
  9. Margaret Vachon?1867-?
  10. Peter A. Vachon?1874-?
  11. May Grace Vachon?1869-?
  12. Robert A. Vachon?1871-?
  13. William John Vachon?1876-?

The Parents of Mary Davidson

The parents of Mary Davidson were David Davidson and Sarah Knox.

Mary’s Early Years

Mary Davidson was born September 25, 1840 in County Antrim, Ireland. She was one of six children born to David and Sarah.

Mary Davidson and Joseph Vachon

In about 1860 Mary married Joseph Vachon and between 1864 & 1885 they had 13 children.


Son Alexander Vachon became a Roman Catholic priest and Archbishop of Ottawa. Mary Vachon (Davidson) was a best friend of Jane Stenner and grandma of Augustine Plamondon who we got family information from.
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