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Joseph Weber: Letter to home from Preston, Ontario in 1903

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My Address is:
Mr. Joseph Weber
Preston Box No 2
Canada Ontario.

This is the address you should write to.

May you live long, my dear brother.

Preston July 23rd

My Dear brother, sister-in-law and children, I would like to write again in order to let you know that I am not in Hanover anymore, I am in Preston right now with my daughter (Roseline or Rossel??). I departed from Hanover nine months ago for a tour. I visited all my children. I was in Buffalo for two months at my oldest son Charles. He has a big farm in Buffalo but I did not like it much. I departed to Chicago to my youngest son, Eugene. He is a train conductor at the railroad in Chicago. I stayed three months and then I went to Winnipeg to my son Emile, who is still single, where I stayed two months (or four??). His salary is four dollars per day.

The other, he is a supervisor in a big furniture company; he is a sculptor and makes all kinds of flowers on the furniture; 15 people work with him, all sculptors. Then I have been to Detroit to my son-in-law, he has 300 acres of land. I stayed there one month and then I went to Preston and from there I came back to Hanover. There I had the picture done, the one I sent you. Two of the persons are my sons-in-law, the other is a friend.

I went back to work for four months in Hanover and did not like it. I went to my daughter in Preston; you see, I was not upset of what I have done but right now I am tired of this long trip and the money is gone. The trip cost me 300 dollars, around 1200 marks, and this money, dear brother, I could have lent it to you in Wasselonne so you could be the envy in Wasselonne and you could have bought an enormous pile of wood, as you have working horses in Wasselonne.

I think that I have to go back to work soon, the money goes so fast but I still have four nice places to build in Hanover. I could have got 150 dollars for one of them but I need 200, otherwise I wonít sell any land; and the one who bought my house owes me 800 dollars and I get 60 dollars of interest every year for this amount and the land I still have in Hanover.

Right now, if I work I could have a pile of money and I will be able to go for a trip again, maybe I will visit you next spring.

The first of March I will have 200 dollars again for the house that I sold, and 60 dollars for the interest, so I will soon have a good pile of money and I can sing in Mexican. Since I am alone, I am still with an association that I pay 1 dollars and 66 cents a month. After six years, if am still alive, I wonít have to pay anything and I will receive 100 dollars per year.

If I die, my children will receive 1000 dollars and 50 dollars for my funeral. If am not able to visit you next spring, I will send you the money, dear brother, so you can celebrate with your family.

My dear brother, I would like to get (the Ribbon of the medal of MexicoSEE NOTE) I donít have it anymore, I looked for it in all of America and could not find it. Perhaps you can look over there, if you can find some send me 2, For this hassle, I will pay you well in the spring. I will send it; I still have money but I donít know when I will start working. I donít want to take the money from the bank, I can take 800 dollars right now but I donít want to. I want to work so I can make money to recover the interest which is 6 dollars per 100.

I will conclude, I will leave you, your wife and your children with greetings and friendship from my daughter Rosalie and me.

Joseph Weber.

  • Note: Joseph Weber was known to have fought on the French side in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.

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-- JimBenedict - 30 Aug 2011
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