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NOTE: This topic is not part of the official TWiki distribution

Logout and Login

Hello guest, you are using IP address

TIP If you are not guest please login (you might share the IP address with someone else)

Background Information uses BasicAuthentication? with IP address based session tracking. The advantage is that there is a very low requirement on the client side. Any browser is supported, even those without cookies.

There is a drawback however. IP address based session tracking fails if people share an IP address, e.g. a whole company might expose just one IP address through a NAT. In this case might tell you that you are someone else in your organization.

-- PeterThoeny - 12 Feb 2005


Why are we not using what I suggest in RememberUserBug??

-- SvenDowideit? - 12 Feb 2005

That approach seems to have a drawback, see my reply in RememberUserBug?.

-- PeterThoeny - 12 Feb 2005

Changed the view/not guest message because I didn't like the grammar of "not me?" and "not you?" seemed a bit impolite.

-- SamHasler? - 12 Feb 2005

Curious, is there a way that I can implement this same functionality on my TWikiSites ? I run two twikis, personal and at the office, and both of them often receive requests for a logout feature.

Thanks !

-- KeithHelfrich? - 03 May 2005

This topic is not part of the distribution, but you can copy the text into your own TWiki installation. No magic here, simply a link to viewauth to re-authenticate a user (this is not a logout).

-- PeterThoeny - 04 May 2005

-- JasonBenedict - 03 Nov 2005
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