David Holroyd Benedict

Born Born 4 Mar 1816   Pawtucket, Providence co., Rhode Island
Married Married 20 Mar 1839 Olive Abby Smith at Location
Died Died Date   at Location


  • Father:Benedict, David Rev1779
  • Mother:Gano, Martha Hubbel1786


  1. Benedict, John Gano b 3May1841, d 1Sep1842, MA
  2. Benedict, Henry Stanley b 16Apr1843, d 22Aug1843, MA
  3. Benedict, Olive Ann b 23Jul1846, d 10Aug1846, MA
  4. Benedict, Albert b ca 1848, RI
  5. Benedict, Joanna Thayer b 3Jul1850, MA
  6. Benedict, Henry J b ca 1858, MA

_The Parents of _

Census Records

1860 US Federal Census: Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; Roll: M653_515; Page: 665; Image: 671. Post Office:LNorth Bellingham. 1Aug1860

  • Benedict, David H, age 44, male, tin peddler, personal value: 300, b RI
  • Benedict, Olive, age 43, female, b Mass
  • Benedict, Albert, age 12, male, b RI
  • Benedict, Joanna, age 9, female, b Mass
  • Benedict, Henry, age 2, male, b Mass
  • Howe, Jane, age 32, female, domestic, b Ireland

1870 1870 US Federal Census: North Providence District 1, Providence County, Rhode Island; Roll: M593_1476; Page: 360; Image: 99. Post Office: Pawtucket. 22Jun1870

  • Benedict, David H, age 54, male, white, carpenter, personal value: 400, b RI
  • Benedict, Annie T, age 19, female, white, value of real estate: 1700, b Mass (Joanna)
  • Benedict, Henry J, age 12, male, white, b Mass


David Benedict (1779-1874) was born in Norwalk, Connecticut to Thomas (1758-1839) and Martha (Scudder) Benedict (d. 1786). He married Margaret Hubbel Gano (1868-1784) on May 4, 1808. She was the daughter of Dr. Stephen Gano, the long-time pastor of the First Baptist Church in Providence. They had twelve children: Cornelia; Stephen; Rebecca; Thomas; John (1815-1818); David; John (1817-1841); James; Maria (b. 1821); Joseph (b. 1823); Newton; and George.

Per Benedicts to America, Vol I, Pg 174

Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3, John2, Thomas1 Rev David, D.D. b 10Oct1778, at Norwalk, CT; m 8May1808, Margaret Hubbell, dau Rev Stephen and Cornelia (Vavasor) Gano (see Sprague's Annals, Vol VI, p 229) b 22Sep1785. He was fitted for college at Sing Sing, and graduated at Brown Univ. 1806; ordained as a Baptist minister in 1805, and was settled over a society in Pawtucket, RI for twenty five years. Mr., and curator of Brown Univ., and S.T.D. Coll. Shurtl, 1851. Dr Benedict's name is intimately associated with the history of the Baptist denomination. Among his contributions to their permanent literature are two large volumes, entitled History of the Baptists, and a History of All Religions. In 1860 he published his Fifty Years among the Baptists, and has been quite recently engaged upon a History of Pawtucket. On the 8th of May 1858, he and his wife were privileged to celebrate their "Golden Wedding". Dr. B is living at Pawtucket, at the advanced age of 91y. His wife d 28Nov1868. He d 5Dec1875. Ch: As pertains to David Holroyd: b 4Mar1816; m 20Mar1839, Olive Abby Smith of Bellingham, Mass. Deacon of Baptist church at Bellingham. Chd: a) John Gano b 3May1841; d 1Sep1842. b) Henry Stanley b 16Apr1843; d 22Aug1843. c) Olive Ann b 23Jul1846; d 20Aug1846. d) Joanna Thayer b 3Jul1850

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