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Berthold Busse was the second son of Wilhelm and Olga Busse, who arrived in CANADA in 1910 from Paprontia, POLAND. They settled in the HALLONQUIST, Saskatchewan area. In 1917 he married Julianne Wushke and they had 7 children, Amanda (deceased) Alma (George) Laing, Ruth (Doug) McDougall, Peggy (Joe) Paul, Al (Doreen) Busse, and 2 more sons who died in child birth. Julianne Busse passed away in 1929. Berthold then married Emilie Wienknecht, they had 3 more children, Elly (Tillman) Moe, Ruby (Glenn) Martinson, and Gordon who passed away 2 months after birth. Berthold passed away in 1986 and Emilie passed away the same year. Alma Laing has passed away.

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