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TWiki Glossary

Simple glossary of TWiki terms

Term Definition
Attachment: Any type of file that is uploaded via browser and attached to a topic, where it can be viewed and downloaded. Details...
Form: Web form at the bottom of a page that can be filled in with additional info and classification for the particular topic Details...
Page: A regular Web page. A page in TWiki is composed of the template/skin decoration and topic content.
Plugin: Prepackaged server-side extension that adds all sorts of additional functions, seamlessly integrated into TWiki. Details...?
Plugin API: The standard interface for creating TWiki Plugins and add-on programs that ensure a perfect integration. Details...?
Preferences: The site-wide, single web and single user-level preferences settings. The settings are stored in TWikiPreferences?, WebPreferences and TWikiUsers home pages. Details...
Site: A TWiki installation consisting of one or more webs. Details...
Skin: Skins overlay regular templates with alternate header/footer layout of pages; topic text is not affected. Skins are typically enabled site-wide or per web. Details...?
Templates: (1) Regular templates define header/footer layout of pages; topic text is not affected. (2) Template topics set the default content for new topics. Details...?
Topic: The content of a TWiki page, consisting of text, an optional form and optional attachments. It has a WikiName that's unique within its web. Details...
TWiki: A web-based collaboration platform targeting the corporate world. Contraction of "TakeFive Wiki". By chance, also happens to be the name of the AI robot star of the Buck Rogers 1979 movie and TV series. Features include browser based editing, automatic linking of text (based on ideas of the original WikiWikiWeb), revision control, file attachments, form handling, preferences settings, access control and more. Details... Official home site, center of all development. Details...
Variables: Text-strings of the form %VARIABLE% that are expanded on the fly into text, image, or any other type of embedded content; there are system variables coded into the main TWiki package, preferences settings, and Plugins variables. Details...
Web: A collection of topics under a common name. Various features, like search, access privileges, Plugin availability, template design, can be controlled on a web-wide basis. Details...

-- TWiki:Main.MikeMannix - 27 Aug 2001
-- TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny - 27 Jan 2003
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