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Acheson0008.jpg Alex and siblings The children of Joseph Acheson in Perth, Ontario. Back: Alexander and Arabella. Seated: (likley) Weir and Samuel. Taken in Ontario ca. 1875, before Alexander's wedding. Scanned from Gert Lawrie family book page 24.

100.jpg Acheson family photo Alexander Acheson and family taken about 1884. Back: Alexander (father), Joseph (son), Sarah Braden Miller (wife) with baby Weir on her lap. Front: Mary Jane "Minnie" (dau.) and Sarah "Sadie" (dau.). Taken in Winnipeg at portrait studio American Art Gallery. Original in private collection: J.B.

103.jpg Wier and Sandy Wier Acheson (left) and brother Alexander "Sandy". c. 1894, taken at portrait studio in Gretna, Manitoba. Original in private collection: J.B.

funeral_card.jpg Funeral card "Alexander Acheson; died Oct. 6, 1897, Aged 47 years 11 mon 4 days."

Acheson0002.jpg Funeral portrait Alexander Acheson's funeral day. Surviving family members dressed in mourning. Manitoba, October 1897.

Acheson0003.jpg School house One-room school house in Rosenfeld, Manitoba where Alexander Acheson taught in the 1870's and 1880's.

winnipeg1887.jpg Winnipeg - 1887 Winnipeg Main Street in 1887.

CPR_map_Manitoba_1881.jpg CPR Manitoba 1881 First system map of CPR connections into Winnipeg, Manitoba. Year: 1881. From "Van Horne's Road" by Omer Lavallée, 1990, page 63.

certificate.jpg Teaching certificate Teachers certificate for Alexander Acheson. A 'Third Class County Certificate' earned from Perth county in Ontario, dated 5 August 1875. Note the final marks.

Birth-Alexander.jpg Bible family page on birth Page from family bible. Says Alex Ach. born 2 Nov 1848 at New York; baptized there 14 July 1849. Obtained from Gert [Webber] Lawrie. Copy in posession of author.

Acheson_Store_Currency.jpg Store tokens Alexander operated a general store in the village of Rosenfeld, Manitoba. These are examples of the store currency, made of aluminum, that was accepted for trade in the store.

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