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Phillip And Malissa Reid

Phillip Dafoe born 01 May 1834 Hastings County married Malissa Reid daughter Robert Reid and May Wright Phillip is buried Lot 12 Con 18 Tudor Twp Hasting County his Religion was Episcopal Methodist.Malissa was born 16 April 1843 and she died 23 Mar 1923 in Belleville Ontario.

Dafoe Life In Gilmour

They lived in a log house for some years on Con.6 Lot 3 near the village of Ivanhoe Huntingdon Township aleast three of the oldest children where born there. Phil then brought his family up the Hastings Road and was one of the first settlers in the village of Gilmour, Tudor Township. The farm was on the Gilmour Road, near the junction of Highway 62. First they lived in a log cabin then they frame house. Life was far from easy for this young family their first four children were very young when two set of twins were born thirteen months apart. Phil worked at the Rathborn lumber company there was a saw mill ,boarding house and a general store. There were several small farms in the area. A Methodist Church they had boxed socials and dances visiting Neighbours was a important part of the community social life. Jake used to say that if they could not find their cows, they would go to the neightbours and borrow a five quart pan of milk, to feed the twins. They used to wash their cloths out a night and dry thme behind the stove, so they could wear them in the morning, because they did not own a change of clothes. Jakes brother Thom used to trap .All of the men worked at the lumber camp at one time. Bob and Jack both had small farms at Gilmour and Bob worked on the railway. Bob's son Tommy married Jessie Sargent and they lived in ST.Ola . Jakes sisters Katherine and Mary Ann probably moved to the States Jakes son Bert never new them.


Most of the information on Phillip came from The Dafoe - Defoe Dynasty


Dafoe Dynasty

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