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Benedict Generations

The original North American Smith line came from a John "Big Jack" Smith of Bourg Louis, Quebec. Jack; born in 1845, ....

Here continues the folklore and descendants of those ancestors of ours. You will find the biographies and family lines of our Smiths from Jack on down to the more recently departed. This is a gathering of family stories, tales, research and other loose ends. Where we can, we have sources; but a good story is worth saving for the children. If you have a Smith story to tell, please consider registering into the website. It has an easy way for you to add and edit web pages; just check out the tutorial link in the left-hand coumn.

To follow the stories of the Smiths in Canada, go to these links:

  • Name Index page for an alphabetical and date name list. The Name Index page will give you links to individual biographies of our ancestors.
  • References? page for the main sources, citations and references.

How do I find my ancestor?

Click on a Smith name below to follow your lineage. A complete listing of names and dates can be found by clicking on the Smith Name Index on the left-side column.

Descendancy Chart for JohnSmith1845

0 JohnSmith1845
1 AlexanderSmith1871
1 FlorenceSmith1893
2 IdaCatherineSmith1895
3 RaymondJosephSmith1905
4 RodneyThomasSmith1894
5 WarnerSmith1902
6 WilliamJohnSmith1900
7 WinnifredMarySmith1909
2 AnnieSmith1881
3 DavidColeman1874
1 ArthurJohnSmith1902-1986
4 HerminaSmith1878
5 MargaretColemanDavidson
1 DavidDavidson
6 SarahElizabethSmith1873
1 FlorenceMiller1899-
7 SurnameList
8 WilliamJohnSmith

-- JimBenedict - 11 Oct 2009
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