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100.jpg Family in 1913 Weber family in 1913 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. L-R: Rusey Weber, Winnie, Joe and Sarah.

AuntBelle?.jpg Aunt Belle with Weber children Aunt Belle in Macdonald, Manitoba (north of Winnipeg) in 1917. L-R: Isabell, Aunt Belle, Gertrude, Winnie.

108.jpg Children in 1918 Children in 1918 at 723, Arlington Street, Winnipeg, Manitob. L-R: Gert, Winnie, Isabell (seated), and Joe.

101-1920.jpg Children in 1920 Children in 1920. L-R: Winnie, Joe, Gertrude and Mildred.

107.jpg Children in 1921 Children in 1921. L-R: Mildred, Isabell, Gertrude, Joe, Winnie.

109.jpg Children in 1925 Children in 1925 in Calgary, likely at 16A Steet. Back, L-R: Joe, baby Edna held by Winnie, Gertrude. Front: Isabell, Weir and Mildred.

103.jpg Paint store in Calgary Pappa Rusey's store in Calgary. Signage in window says, "Joe Webber; Painting; Paperhanging; Phone W4031" (note surname is now anglicized"). Left side was Joe's painting and paperhangind business; the right side was Sadie's "Avenue Confectionary" candy store. See next photo for family identification. Taken in Calgary, Killarney area, likely in 1925.

104.jpg Family in 1925 Sadie with children in front of paint store, in Calgary in 1925. L-R: Winnie, Edna, Gert, Isabell, Mildred, Weir, Joe, Sadie.

102-1938.jpg Family in 1938 Sadie with children in Calgary in 1938. Top row: Sadie with her friend, Ollie Lennox. Middle row: Winnie with her daughter Marion, Great Aunt Gert (Sadie's sister), Gertrude. Bottom row: Edna, unknown (one of Gert's students).

106.jpg Family in 1941 Formal portrait of full family, taken for Christmas of 1941, in Calgary. Back row: Gertrude, Joe, Mildred, Weir and Isabell. Front row: Sadie, Edna, Bill, Winnie and Joseph Webber.

110-1949.jpg Webber girls in 1949 Formal portrait of the Webber daughters, taken in 1949. A treasure in the family album, as Mildred died not long afterwards. Top left: Gertude. Top right: Mildred. Bottom left: Isabell. Bottom right: Winnie. Centre: Edna.

birthcertificate.jpg Birth certificate 1879 Emil Weber birth certificate dated 10 April 1879. Source: Richard Baechler, August 2011.

-- JimBenedict - 26 Jul 2009
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