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Deacon Aaron Benedict

Born Born 09Aug1785 Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut
Married Married 17Sep1808 Charlotte Porter Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut
Died Died 09Feb1873 Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut
:buried: Riverside Cemetery Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut


  1. Charlotte Ann Benedict 1810-
  2. Frances Jennette Benedict 1812-1830
  3. George Benedict 1814-
  4. Charles Benedict 1817-1854
  5. Mary Lyman Benedict 1819-1911

Charlotte Porter and Family

Charlotte was b 29Oct1789, Middletown, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Abel and Hannah (Elliot) Porter, and d 9May1979, buried Riverside Cemetery, Waterbury, Connecticut

Aaron’s Years

Aaron was the Founder of the Waterbury Brass Company, Waterbury, Connecticut

The late Deacon Aaron Benedict, of Waterbury, was b 9Aug1785 in what is now the Town of Middlebury, CT. A son of Capt Daniel and Esther (Trowbridge) Benedict. He entered Yale College, but owing to ill health, had to abandon his college course after having pursued it for a year and a half. At the age of nineteen years he removed from the out-skirts of town, and settled within the limits of the "First Society", where in 1804 he became partner of Joseph Burton in the mercantile business. After several years of experience as a merchant he began, in 1812, the manufacture of bone and ivory buttons, a business in which he continued until 1823. He then formed a partnership with Bennet Bronson, of Waterbury, and three New Haven gentlemen, for the manufacture of gilt buttons, he having the exclusive management of the concern. The prosperity of Waterbury as a manufacturing town, says Dr Henry Bronson, in the history of Waterbury, may be said to date from the formation of this company, the capital of which was $6000. It was a small beginning, but industry, perseverance and skilled labor were not long in securing success. The partnership was renewed in 1827, and the capital increased to $13,000. In 1829 a new partnership was formed under the name of Benedict and Coe, with a capital of $20,000, and in addition to the manufacture of gilt buttons, the firm undertook the rolling of brass for market, this establishment becoming one of the most importand and lucrative departments of their rapidly extending business. The firm also dealt in merchandise. On February 10, 1834, at the expiration of the partnership of Benedict and Coe, a new one was entered into with a capital of $40,000 under the name of Benedict and Burnham. This partnership was renewed in 1838, and the capital increased to $71,000 and again renewed in 1840, with a capital of $100,000. In 1834 the firm of Benedict and Burnham became Benedict and Burnham Manufacturing Company, the first joint stock corporation formed in the Town of Waterbury. Mr Benedict was chosen President of the company, and remained as its executive head until the close of his life.

The Benedict and Burnham Manufacturing Company, which has developed into such a great industry, was the parent from which sprang the American Pin Company, in 1846, the Waterbury Button Company in 1849, the Benedict and Scovill Company in 1852, and the Waterbury Clock Compqany in 1857.

Mr Benedict was a member of the State Legislature in 1826 and 1841, and State Senator in 1858-1859. He became a member of the First Congregational Church of Waterbury, in February 1817. In 1832 he was chosen to the office of Deacon, the duties of which he fulfilled for forty years in the most exemplary manner. He was noted throughout his life, not only for fidelity in all religious duties, but for his practical benevolence. In his later life his gifts bestowed in the most unastentateous way amounted to thousands of dollars annually. He contributed $10,000 for the erection of Divinity Hall, New Haven, $10,000 for the endowment of Benedict professorship of Latin in Iowa College, and $30,000 toward the erection of the First Congregational Church ediface, Waterbury. Mr Benedict's death will be keenly felt not only in the church where he has worshiped so long and served so faithfuly, but throughout the community and State. In his death, another of the ties is broken by which the Waterbury of today is connected with the Waterbury of fifty years ago.

The transformation of the insignificant Village, which some of us remember, into the busy and prosperous city, which now fills the valley and ever spreads the hillside is due to Aaron Benedict more perhaps than to any other man. It fulfilled our conception of the fitness of things, that he was permitted to see and enjoy the fruits which sprang from his early labors, and to stay amongst us for so many years as representative of what is past, and at the same time a beauty lover of the present.

At the time of his death the New Haven Palladium said: Mr Benedict was one of the most prominent men of the state, more particularly in connection with its manufacturing interests, and was a very public spirited and greatly honored citizen. He was at one time somewhat active in politics, and was chosen on different occasions a member of the State Senate. His energy and exemplary character as a business man gave him a controlling interest as counselor in matters engaging the attention of men of interest. His death will be greatly regretted.

Census Records

1850 US Federal Census: Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut; Roll: M432_45; Page: 15; Image: 32. 25Jul1850
Benedict , Aaron, age 60, male, manufacturer, value of real estate: 20,000, b CT
Benedict, Charlotte, age 60, female, b CT
Mitchell, John, age 32, male, manufacturer, b CT
Mitchell, Mary, age 29, female, b CT
2 female servants, both b Ireland
Him, Charles B, age 30, farmer, b CT
Kennan, Edward, age 25, farmer, b Ireland

1860 US Federal Census: Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut; Roll: M653_84; Page: 69; Image: 69. 19Jun1860
Benedict, Aaron, age 74, male, master manufacturing, value of real estate: 75,000, personal: 300,000. b CT
Benedict, Charlotte, age 70, female, b CT
Mitchell, John S, age 42, merchant, value of real estate: 35,000, personal: 100,000, b CT
Mitchell, Mary L, age 37, b CT
2 servants, b Ireland

1870 US Federal Census: Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut; Roll: M593_112; Page: 801; Image: 722. 16Jun1870
Benedict, Aaron, age 85, male, white, retired manufacturer, value of personal: 500,000, b CT
Benedict, Fanny, age 30, female, white, keeping house, value of personal estate: 1000, b CT
Benedict, Charlotte, female, white, age 20, at home, b CT
Mitchell, Mary L, female, white, age 50, value of personal estate: 10,000, b CT
5 servants


Benedicts to America Vol I, Pg 383
27. AARON6 (Aaron,5 Daniel,4 Daniel,3 Daniel,2 Thomas1), b. Aug. 9, 1785; m. Sept. 17, 1808, Charlotte, dau. Abel and Hannah (Elliot) Porter, b. Oct. 29, 1789, at Middletown, Ct. "At an early age he entered Yale College, but was compelled (after remaining eighteen months) to leave on account of ill health. A sea voyage, and following the plow every working day for three months, were the means of restoring his health in some measure, but not considering it safe to pursue a course of study, he went, in 1804, to Waterbury, and formed a partnership with Joseph Burton, in mercantile business, which was carried on until 1812. He then commenced the manufacture of bone buttons, but this business after several years trial proving unsatisfactory, he became associated with others in a project to manufacture gilt buttons, Mr. B. being general partner and sole manager of the concern. The prosperity of Waterbury, and its fame as a manufacturing town, date from the establishment of this branch of industry. A new partnership, in 1827, was succeeded in 1829 by another (Benedict & Coe), with increased capital. The new firm rolled brass for the market, and ever after, this has been an important branch of the business. The copartnership of Benedict & Coe expiring Feb. 10, 1834, a new one was formed, with a capital of $40,000, under the name of Benedict & Burnham. Mr. Benedict's skill and prudence carried the firm through the intervening period, including the crises of 1837 and 1839, to January 14, 1843, when it became a joint stock corporation, under the name of The Benedict & Burnham Manufacturing Co., with a capital of $100,000. The capital stock of this company has been increased from time to time, till the present nominal capital is $400,000, and the shares would sell readily at more than double this sum. Mr. Benedict was chosen president of the company in 1843, at its formation, which office he still holds. He is also director in several other joint stock companies in the town, and also of the principal bank. He was member of the state legislature (house) 1826 and 1841, and 1858-9, was senator. For many years he has been a Deacon of the First Congregational church of Waterbury, and his name appears among the principal donors to the building fund of the new Divinity Hall in New Haven, the corner stone of which was laid Sept. 22, 1869. Mr. Benedict is also endowing a professorship in Iowa College. Mr. and Mrs. Benedict celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of their wedding, on the 17th of Sept., 1868, and are still comparatively free from the infirmities of age, and take a lively interest in the current events of the day." Ch. all born at Waterbury, Ct.

1) CHARLOTTE ANN, b. March 27, 1810; m. May 18, 1835, Scovill M. Buckingham; res. Waterbury, Ct.
2) FRANCES JENNETTE, b. Nov. 22, 1812; d. Feb. 13, 1830.
3) (46.) GEORGE WILLIAM, b. Nov. 26, 1814.
4) (47.) CHARLES, b. Sept. 23, 1817.
5) MARY LYMAN, b. Sept. 24, 1819; m. July 3, 1838, John S. Mitchell.

Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)
Name: Aaron Benedict Gender: Male Birth Date: 9 Aug 1785 Birth Location: Waterbury Parent Name: Aaron Parent Name: Esther

Connecticut Town Marriage Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)
Name: Aaron Benedict Gender: Male Birth Date: 9 Aug 1785 Birth Location: Waterbury Residence Location: Middlebury Marriage Date: Sep 1808 Marriage Location: Waterbury Spouse: Charlotte Porter Parent Name: Aaron

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