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Thaddeus Benedict Jr

Born Born 14 Aug 1749 Danbury, Fairfield County, Conn
Married Married 12 Jul 1775 Deborah Read Redding, Fairfield County, Conn
Died Died 1799 Redding, Fairfield County, Conn



  1. Sarah Benedict 1776-1836
  2. William Benedict 1778-1819
  3. Hiram Benedict Sr; 1779-1853
  4. Charles Benedict; 1783-
  5. Henry Benedict 1784-bef 1819
  6. Thaddeus Benedict 1791-

Deborah Read and Family

Deborah was b 1751, the dau of John and Mary Read Jr of Hartford, Hartford County, CT.

Colonel Read was a Revolutionary War officer. The town of Reading (Redding) derived its name from him. He had at Reading a park of 10 or 15 acres, in which he kept deer.

The Early Families of Redding Connecticut
Children of John and Ruth (Talcott) Read:
The Early Families of Redding Connecticut
Mr. John Read, perhaps the earliest settler of Redding, was one of the most eminent men of his day. He was born in Connecticut in 1680, graduated from Harvard College in 1697, studied for the ministry, and preached for some time at Waterbury, Hartford, and Stratford. He afterward studied law, and was admitted an attorney at the bar in 1708, and in 1712 was appointed Queen's attorney for the colony. In 1714 he bought of the Indians a large tract of land in Lonetown and settled there. He continued to reside in Redding until 1722, when he removed to Boston, and soon became known as the most eminent lawyer in the colonies. He was Attorney-General of Massachusetts for several years, and also a member of the Governor and Council. He died in February, 1749, leaving a large estate. His wife was Ruth Talcott, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel John Talcott, of Hartford, and sister of Governor Joseph Talcott. They had six children:
1) Ruth, born (probably) in Hartford in 1700; died in Redding, August 8, 1766. She was the wife of Rev. Nathaniel Hunn, first pastor of the church in Redding. They were married September 14, 1737.
2) John, born in Hartford in 1701; lived in Redding at the "Lonetown Manor" and was a leading man in his day in the colony; was much in public life, both civil and military, and was noted for his public spirit, patriotism, and piety. He married twice. His first wife was Mary (last name unknown), a Milford lady. His second wife was Sarah Bradley, of Greenfield Hill. His children were:
i) William, who married Sarah Hawley, of Redding.
ii) Zalmon, who married Hulda Bradley, of Greenfield.
iii) Hezekiah, who married Anna Gorham.
iv) John, who married Zoa Hillard.
v) Mary, wife of John Harpin.
vi) Sarah, wife of Jabez Hill, and afterward of Theodore Monson.
vii) Ruth, wife of Jeremiah Mead.
viii) Deborah, wife of Thomas Benedict, a lawyer.
ix) Mabel, wife of Levi Starr; and
x) Esther, wife of Daniel C. Bartlett, son of Rev. Nathaniel Bartlett. One of his children, a lad of four years, fell into a burning coal pit in 1739, and was so badly burned that he survived but a few hours. His father wrote a letter to his father in Boston, informing him of the meloncholy event, and his father sent back a letter in reply. Both of the letters are yet preserved, after a period of one hundred and forty years, and are both remarkable for the piety and Christian resignation manifested in them.
3) William, born in Connecticut about 1710, was a lawyer in Boston, and afterward a judge in several of the courts there. He lived a bachelor, and died in 1780, aged seventy-years.
4) Mary, born (probably) in Reading, Conn., April 14, 1716; married Captain Charles Morris, of Boston, afterward of Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he was for many years chief justice of the courts. They had nine sons and two daughters. Abigail married Joseph Miller, of Boston. Deborah married a Mr. Willstead, and afterward Henry Paget, of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Son William Benedict

Benedicts to America, Vol I
Graduated Yale College 1797; studied under Judge Reeve, at his celebrated law school in Litchfield, CT.; went to Bridgeport, CT and was admitted to Fairfield County Bar Association; Practiced from 1802-1816, and died 26Aug1819 in Bridgeport, CT


Benedicts to America, Vol I, Pg 288
16. THADDEUS4* (Thomas,3 James,2 Thomas1)
b. Nov. 1, 1728; m. Feb. 2, 1747, Abigail, dau. Lieut. Benjamin Starr of Danbury, who d. April 6, 1785; m. 2d, Catharine, widow Nehemiah Dibble, Nov. 1, 17--. Justice of peace, May, 1774-1800; selectman in 1784. One of the sufferers by burning of Danbury, in 1777. He was allowed by Ct., May, 1792, 521 19s. 6d., for his losses. (Hinman, p. 82.) He d. Jan. 20, 1805. Ch.
1) (48.) THADDEUS, b. Aug. 14, 1749.
2) - ABIGAIL, b. April 29, 175-; m. Oct. 2, 1771, Eliakim Starr of Bethel, Ct.
3) (49.) JESSE, b. June 11, 175-.
4) (50.) ELIAKIM, b. Sept. 26, 1753.
5) - MARY, b. and d. Oct., --.
6) (51.) PETER, b. Dec. 11, 175-.
7) - MOLLY, b. Feb. 19, 1761; m. Christopher Avery Babcock; d. y.
8) - DEBORAH, b. April 19, 1762; m. Sept. 14, 1785, Samuel Wildman of Danbury; d. April 30, 1828.
9) - 52. ELIHU, b. Aug. 1, 1766.
10) (53.) ELIPHALET, b. Nov. 1, 1768.
11) - ELIZABETH, b. March 3, 1771; d. 1779, at Ballston.
12) (54.) AMOS, b. May 14, 1774.

Benedicts to America, Vol I, Pg 301
48. THADDEUS5 (Thaddeus,4 Thomas,3 James,2 Thomas1)
b. Aug. 14, 1749; m. July 12, 1775, Deborah, dau. Col. John Read of Reading, Ct. She was b. 1751, and d. --. Her father, Col. Read, was a Revolutionary officer. The town of Reading derived its name from him. He had at R., a park of ten or fifteen acres, in which he kept deer. He d. 1786, aged 85. Thaddeus Benedict grad. at Yale College, 1773; lawyer by profession; probate clerk, in 1776; removed to Reading; selectman, Feb. 13, 1778; appointed justice of peace there, 1783, and continued such until 1795; represented Reading, in General Assembly of Ct., May, 1783, '84, and 1790, Oct., 1790, May, 1794, Oct., 1794, and May, 1795. In 1795, sold his property at Reading, and removed to Bridgeport, Ct., but d. at R., 1799. He was one of the most celebrated lawyers of his day, and had a very large and extensive practice. The early reports of cases show that he practised in every county of the state. Ch.
1) - SARAH, b. March 3, 1776; d. Dec. 9, 1836, unm. at Danbury, Ct.
2) - WILLIAM, b. Feb. 24, 1778; grad. Yale College, 1797; studied under Judge Reeve, at his celebrated law school in Litchfield, Ct.; went to Bridgeport, and was admitted to Fairfield Co. bar; practised from 1802 to 1816, and d. Aug. 26, 1819, at Bridgeport, Ct.
3) - HIRAM, b. Nov. 21, 1779; m. His son, Hiram [Jr], res. near Maple Rapids, Mich.
4) (116.) CHARLES, b. Aug. 22, 1783.
5) - HENRY, b. July 8, 1785; d. unm. before 1819.
6) - THADDEUS, b. July 29, 1791. (?)

Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)
Name: Thaddeus Benedict Gender: Male Birth Date: 14 Aug Birth Location: Danbury Parent Name: Thaddeus Parent Name: Abigail S


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