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Charles James Benedict

Reference: 135.225.95

Born Born 11 Feb 1883   Chesley, Elderslie Twp., Bruce Co., Ontario
Married Married 20 Dec 1905 Emma Mabel Caswell Walter's Falls Ontario
Died Died 29 July 1953   Lindsay, Ontario

Photo Album - Family album of photos and documents.



  1. Charles Arnold Benedict; b. 17 July, 1906
  2. Irene Sarah Benedict; b. 10 May, 1908,
  3. Gladys Evelyn Benedict; b. 15 March, 1910
  4. Florence Mabel Benedict; b. 12 July, 1912
  5. Norman Caleb Benedict; b. April, 1914; d. June, 1914
  6. Frederick Morris Benedict; b. 15 June, 1917
  7. Della Marguerite Benedict; b. 23 Jan., 1920
  8. Raymond Elwood Benedict; b. 13 May, 1927

The Parents of Charles

Charles' Early Years

Charles Benedict Not much is known of Charles' young years this being his second name, but I suppose he prefered Charles rather than James. I really can't understand why he would have been given James, as a first name, seeing as he had a brother James. James of course does not come from myself, rather it comes from the internet somewhere, sometime. I don't really think it belongs, as I do have a copy of his birth certificate in my possession and it only recognizes Charles Benedict, birthplace, Chesley, Ontario, Birth date February 22, 1883. Charles is my grandfather, and I have never heard him called James in my lifetime. He is refered to as Charles or Charlie and to his children and wife he was mostly refered to as "Pa or Paw".

Emma's Early Years

Emma Caswell Emma was born July 19, 1885, the fifth child, of a third marriage, of Samuel Ackland Caswell of Irish descent,her mother Mariah "Fanny" Taylor. Emma had three sisters and two brothers. Her father, Samuel, was married three times his second marriage had no children, but from the first marriage to Elizabeth "Betsy" Douglas there were two sons and two daughters, all being step kin to Emma. Emma's father Samuel was the third child of Henry C. Caswell and Ann Nancy Ackland. Born in, Paris Mills Borrisoleigh County, Tipperary, Ireland in December 07,1827. Samuel and sister Mary, his mother and father along with the Ackland family all landed in Quebec. from Ireland in 1826, Samuel being only 1 year old at the time. My memories of my grandmother are very dear, she was a sweet little old lady. When ever I went to visit, she would reach out and grab me, my face seemed to disappear into the the soft little wrinkles of her face as she gave me a great big smacking kiss, that always brought a big smile on my face and hers as well. Then the questions would start how was I, have I been good. I think in a matter of a few minutes she wanted to know everything I did for the past year. My life with Grandma was just to short, to say the least.

Charles and Emma

Charles at the age of twenty two or maybe a little before, he met, Emma Mabel Caswell, in the little village of Walter's Falls, Grey County, a pretty little village with a beautiful 50 foot waterfall. Charles went through the usual courtship and finally married on December 20, 1905 in Walter's Falls. They then made their home In Meaford, Grey County, Ontario. While living in Meaford They had two children, Charles "Arnold" was born, June 17,1906 and Irene Sarah, born May 10, 1908. They then moved to Stratford, Perth County, where they had Gladys Evelyn on March 15, 1910. Then moved again to Hespeler, Waterloo County, here my mother Florence "Mabel" was born on July 27th 1912 and in April 1914, Norman E. Caleb was born only to die two months later on June 14, 1914. I suppose this seemed like bad luck to Grandpa because you guessed it they moved again this time to Blair,a little village just outside of Preston. Here Emma gave birth to Frederick Morris, June 15 , 1917. From there they moved in to Preston where Della Marguerite was born on January 23, 1920 and then again to Galt where Raymond Elwood was born, May 13, 1927. Of course these last moves from Hespeler, to Blair, and Preston to Galt were only short moves, today these places are all part of Cambridge, North Dumfries Twp., Waterloo Co. Ontario. If all Benedicts have this lust for wandering, is it any wonder they seem so hard to trace through the years. Anyway Grandpa moved back to Preston and seemed to settle, for a while, of course they moved three times in Preston ending up again buying a home on Lowther Street, Preston. Grandpa was retired and suffered from Asthma, emphysema and arthritis. He again sold the house in the late 1940's and bought another in Beaverton, Simcoe County, There Grandma, developed cancer and died March 09, 1951. She loved the apple tree, out front, that blossomed every spring, she never got to see it that year. Charles worked as a furniture maker and also building and crating furnaces. In the last years of work he crated furnaces, and looking at my grandfathers hands they looked to me like he was still holding the hammer, this I suppose was because of the arthritis. He was also missing a few fingers. His famous saying when he wanted me to do something for him, was, I'll give you a dollar when I get rich. Funny I don't remember him ever getting Rich, but he always managed to pull a quarter out of my ear for me.

The Final Years for Charles

When Charles and Emma moved to Beaverton, Raymond and family lived upstairs in the house, and grandpa helped Ray, gathering the cedar bows, that Ray used to make the rustic lawn furniture, chairs, loveseats and tables, that he then sold to the cottage owners all up through the northern area. the two of them seemed to get along pretty well together. Grandpa died August 02, 1953 in a car accident with his son Raymond. They were struck broadside on the passenger side of a model "A" ford. Gandpa died of a fractured Pelvis, internal injuries and shock, July 29,1953. Ray woke up from a coma three or four days later, to learn that his father was dead and buried.

Census of 1911

Person Sex Status Marital Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
Benedict, Chas M head married English 28 Ontario Furniture Factory Baptist
Benedict, Emma M. F Wife married English 25 Ontario   Baptist
Benedict, Chas A. M Son Single English 4 Ontario   Baptist
Benedict, Sarah Irene F Daughter Single English 3 Ontario   Baptist
Benedict, Gladys Evelyn M Daughter Single English 1 Ontario   Baptist
- Canada 1911 Census for Huron West County, 18 Goderich, District 83 , Subdistrict 1 , Houshold 126, Schedule 1, microfilm reel , p. 20

#011368 Emma Mabel Caswell born, 19 Jul 1885, Female, Walter's Falls, Holland Twp., Grey County,Father Samuel Caswell, Mother, Maria Taylor, Archives of Ont., Microfilm MS929_70

#011368 Charles Benedict born, 11 Feb 1883, Male, Chesley, Elderslie Twp.,., Bruce County,Father James Benedict, Mother, Sarah Williamet, Archives of Ont., Microfilm MS929_58

Source Information: Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1911 [database on-line].

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