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Daniel Bridgum Benedict 7

Born Born 1 Jun 1803 Danbury, Fairfield County, CT
Died Died 9 Sep 1827 New Orleans, LA

Lineage: Daniel Bridgum Benedict7, (Platt Benedict6, Jonas5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Daniel2, Thomas1)


Life of Daniel Bridgum Benedict

Daniel Bridgum Benedict was born in Danbury, Connecticut on June 1, 1803, third-born child of Platt Benedict and Sarah DeForest. Although he spent most of his youth in Danbury, his parents also moved for a time to Harlem, New York, where his brother Jonas was born. [1]

In 1817, Daniel accompanied his parents, two brothers David and Jonas, his older sister Clarissa, and younger sister Eliza Ann to the Firelands in northern Ohio. After a long and tedious journey, they arrived at their new home on a sand ridge where his parents founded the town of Norwalk. [2]

In the late 1820’s, Daniel left home and joined the circus. He traveled to New Orleans, where he died September 9, 1827. [3]


  1. Daniel’s birth and early life in New York and Connecticut are from The Genealogy of the Benedicts in America, by Henry Marvin Benedict, Volume I, p. 382.
  2. The Benedict family’s trip west to Ohio are described in “Memoirs of Townships - Norwalk”, by Platt Benedict, The Firelands Pioneer, May 1859, p. 17.
  3. The story of Daniel joining the circus are from letters he sent home to his parents now in the possesion of the Firelands Historical Society. Date and place of death are in The Genealogy of the Benedicts in America, by Henry Marvin Benedict, Volume I, p. 382.

Family Search Records (LDS)

LDS 442360, Reference: 98030; Daniel Bridgum Benedict; Male; Birth: 01 JUN 1803, Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut; Death: 09 SEP 1827; Parents: Father: Platt Benedict; Mother: Sarah De Forest

Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #97, Pin #87752; Daniel Bridgum: Sex: M; Event(s): Birth: 1 Jun 1803; Death: 9 Sep 1827, New Orleans, La.; Parents: Father: Platt Benedict, Disc #97, Pin #87737; Mother: Sarah DeForest, Disc #97, Pin #87749; Submitter: Danielle NOLAN, 191 St. Casimir St. Rochester, NY 14621


  • Family History: Wickham, Benedict, Preston & Deaver, by Agnes & Harriott Wickham, edited by Dave Barton, 2006 (unpublished)

  • The Genealogy of the Benedicts in America, Volume I, by Henry Marvin Benedict, 1870

  • The Firelands Pioneer, a historical journal published by the Firelands Historical Society, 1858-1939

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