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John Bunyon Benedict

Born Born 08 Sep 1838 at Location
Married Married 12 Mar 1861 Annis Dalrymple at Location
Died Died 19 Dec 1903 at Location



  1. Mary Elizabeth Benedict, b 2Dec1861
  2. Carrie Annis Benedict, b 26Dec1864
  3. Luretta Benedict, b 17Sep1866
  4. Charles A Benedict, b 1870-
  5. Frank Benedict, b ca 1873-
  6. Lena Grace Benedict b ca 1876-
  7. John N Benedict b 1878-
  8. Walter Benedict b 1880-
  9. Calista Benedict b 1882-

Annis Dalrymple and Family

Annis was b 1Sep1840, the daughter of Albert and Betsey (Harris) Dalrymple of N. Norwich. She d 27Mar1916, Sherburne, Chenango County, New York.

ís Early Years

Census Records

1870 US Federal Census: North Norwich, Chenango County, New York; Post Office: S Plymouth; Roll: M593_917; Page: 241; Image: 14. 28Jun1870

  • Benedict, John B, age 31, male, white, farmer, value of real estate: 9500, personal: 1085, b NY
  • Benedict, Annis, age 30, female, white, keeping house, b NY
  • Benedict, Mary E, age 8, female, white, b NY
  • Benedict, Carrie A, age 6, female, white, b NY
  • Benedict, Luetta, age 3, female, white, b NY
  • Benedict, Charles A, age 5/12, male, white, b NY. b Jan
  • 1 farm laborer, 1 domestic servant

1880 US Federal Census: North Norwich, Chenango County, New York; Roll: T9_818; Family History Film: 1254818; Page: 206.4000; Enumeration District: 102; Image: 0415. 26Jun1880

  • Benedict, John B, male, white, age 41, farmer, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Annis, wife, white, female, age 40, keeping house, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Carrie A, dau, white, female, age 15, at home, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Ellie L, dau, white, female, age 13, at home, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Charles A, son, white, male, age 10, at home, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Frank, son, white, male, age 7, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Lena Grace, dau, white, female, age 3, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, John N, son, white, male, age 1, b NY, parents b NY
  • 1 male farm laborer, Frank Jenkins

1900 US Federal Census: North Norwich, Chenango County, New York; Roll: T623_1017 Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 69. 21Jun1900

  • Benedict, John B, head, white, male, b Sep1838, age 60, m 39y, b NY, parents b NY, farmer, own, free of mortgage
  • Benedict, Annis, wite, white, female, b Sep1840, age 58, m 39y, mother of 8, 6 living, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Lena G, dau, white, female, b Oct1876, age 23, single, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, John N, son, white, male, b Oct1878, age 21, single, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Calista, dau, white, female, b Aug1882, age 12, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Walter, son, white, male, b Jun1880, age 19, single, b NY, parents b NY, at school
  • .....Next Door.....
  • Benedict, Frank O, head, white, male, b Jun1871, age 28, m 9y, b NY, parents b NY, farm laborer
  • Benedict, Cora H, wife, white, female, b Dec1871, age 28, m 9y, mother of 2, 2 living, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Archibald, son, white, male, b Feb1892, age 8, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Lawrence E, son, white, male, b Jul1897, age 2, b NY, parents b NY

1910 US Federal Census: Sherburne, Chenango County, New York; Roll: T624_924; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 103; Image: 1079. 17Apr1910

  • Benedict, Walter W, head, male, white, age 28, m1, m 2y, b NY, parents b NY, undertaker, furniture
  • Benedict, Bertha H, wife, female, white, age 29, m1, m 2y, mother of 2, 0 living, b NY, parents b NY, teacher, public school
  • Benedict, Annice, mother, female, white, age 69, widow, mother of 8, 6 living, b NY, parents b NY (sb Annis)


Benedicts to America, Vol I, Pg 162
180. DANIEL6 (Enoch,5 John,4 Thomas,3 John,2 Thomas1)
b. Oct. 5, 1778; m. Dec. 9, 1807, Tabitha, dau-in-law of Jonathan Pendell, she m 1st Benjamin Pendell, he d 11Jan1807. Tabitha b. Oct. 7, 1780, and d. Jan. 5, 1857. Daniel d. Nov. 5, 1859, at Plymouth. Ch.
1) - ENOCH HOYT, b. Nov. 21, 1809, Plymouth; d. Feb. 9, 1835.
2) - OLIVER P., b. Aug. 29, 1811; m. April 5, 1837, Mary Kenyon, b. Feb. 24, 1820. He d. Dec. 13, 1839. Ch. a) (458.) John Bunyan, b. Sept. 8, 1838; m. March 12, 1861, Annis, dau. Albert and Betsey (Harris) Dalrymple of N. Norwich, b. Sept. 1, 1840. Ch. I.) Mary Elizabeth, b. Dec. 2, 1861. II.) Carrie Annis, b. Dec. 26, 1864. III) Luretta, b. Sept. 17, 1866.
3) (459.) NELSON, b. Sept. 25, 1813; m. Feb. 21, 1836, Lucuetta, dau. Noah Aldrich of Plymouth, b. April 8, 1816; res. Plymouth. Ch. a) Milo, b. March 28, 1837; m. Aug. 24, 1863, Maria, dau Nelson Phillips, b. March 30, 1846; res. S. Plymouth. Ch. I.) Charles, b. Sept. 30, 1863. II.) Jenny, b. Dec. 22, 1865. b) Lodelia, b. Nov. 14, 1842. c) Julianna, b. Dec. 5, 1839; d. March 17, 184-. d) Henry Adelbert, b. Oct. 31, 1844. e )Helen Marcelia, b. March 9, 1857.
4) - BETSEY ANN, b. Sept. 1, 1815; m. Feb. 9, 1833, Lester Blackman; d. Aug. 12, 1867.
5) - DANIEL, b. April 23, 1817; m. Jan. 7, 1840, Sophronia Wells; he d. May 13, 1850. No issue.
6) - JULIA A., b. April 7, 1819; unm.; res. Plymouth.
7) - ORVILLE, b. May 21, 1821; m. June 5, 1850, Cyrene, dau. Lathan Crandall of Plymouth, b. Jan. 7, 1832. He has held various town offices, and the office of school commissioner for 1st district, Chenango Co., from 1861-64; teacher of common and higher schools for 20 years; at present, a farmer; res. Plymouth. Ch. a) George B., b. March 18, 1853. b)Latham E., b. July 27, 1855. c) Oliver F., b. Aug. 18, 1857; d. June 7, 1862. d) Charles S., b. Sept. 2, 1859; d. April 12, 1862. e) Minnie M., b. June 7, 1863.
8) - EVELINE, b. July 11, 1823; m. Dec. 25, 1867, Jonathan Evans.
9) - LOREN VAN BUREN, b. Sept. 25, 1828; m. March, 1859, Julia Ann, dau. James and Mary (Skinner) Mudge, b. after 182-. He d. July 14, 1861. She m. 2d, Henry Newton of Poolville.

NOTE: The Original Vol I, by Henry M Benedict, was manually edited by Elwyn Benedict when he revised and added Vol II. Corrections have been included in this entry.

Benedicts to America, Vol II, Pg 172
458. John Bunyon8, (Oliver Pendall7, Daniel6, Enoch5, John4, Thomas3, John2, Thomas1)
b 8Sep1838/39, m 12Mar1860/61 Annis, dau Albert & Betsey (Harris) Dalrymple of N Norwich, b 2Sep1840, d 27Mar1916. He d 19Dec1903. Ch:
I) - Mary Elizabeth b 2Dec1861, d 8Feb1872
II) - Carrie Annis b 26Dec1864, m 30Oct1883 William Titus, b 8Jul1857, d 21Mar1923. She d 13Dec1888. Ch:
1) Eulalia Titus, b 22May1885, m 15Sep1913 Elabre Gorton, b 14Feb1883. Res: Dusidn, Florida. No Ch.
III) - Luretta, b 17Sep1866, m 30Dec1891 Loren Pudney, b 20May1865. Ch:
1) Harold Pudney, b 13Jan1894, m 9Feb1916 Marle West, b 19Apr1895. She d 18Mar1946. Res: Hartwick, NY. He m twice more. Ch:
a) Barbara Pudney, b 15Jul1920, m 6Mar1947 Rexford Huyck. Res: Calif. (possibly children).
b) Beatrice Pudney, b 15Jul1920, m 15Jun1940 Edward Abrams b 10Nov1914. Res: Brookfield, NY. Ch:
A) Gail Edward Abrams, b 13Jun1941.
B) Barbara Jean Abrams b 6Jun1944.
c) Vaughn Pudney, b 17Feb1933. b) Cecil Pudney, b 8Jun1901, m 11Apr1926 Harriet Lawless, b 9Apr1901. Res: Oneonta, NY. Ch:
a) Betty Ann Pudney, b 6May1937.
2) Cecil Pudney, v 8Jun1901, m 11Apr1926 Harriet Lawless, b 9Apr1901. Res: Oneonta, NY. Ch:
a) Betty Ann Pudney, b 6May1937.
IV) - Prof. Charles A., b 15Jan1870, m 15Aug1894 Lena May Wilbur b 6Sep1892, d 7May1959. Supt. of Schools, Tarrytown, NY. Ch: a) Marion Josephine b 30May1898 Port Jervis, Orange Co., NY. Grad N Terrytown, NY Jun1915, m 3Sep1946 Rev. Wallace Rollins. She Prof. of Religeon at Sweet Briar Coll., VA. They published a book, "Jesus and his Ministry" 1954. A $100,000 Choir of Religion established at Briar in honor of Rev Wallace Rollins who taught there many years.
V) - Frank O., b 16Jun1872, m 7Jan1891 Cora H, dau Joseph and Jane (Perkins) Brooks, b 22Dec1871, d 17Dec1943. He d 17Mar1948. Ch:
1) Dr Archibald Kenyon, M.D. b 23Feb1892, m 2Jun1917 Ethloine Marie, dau Frederick Otis & Ella Gertrude (Van Deusen) Spooner, b 27Nov1894. Served WWI overseas Medical Corps. Former Republican Co. Chairman, named Supervisor of Town of Sherburne Nov1946 to fill the post of Jesse F Paddleford who was Supervisor for 43 years. Chenango Co. coroner. Several years served as Supt. of Chenango Tuberculosis Hosp. at Sherburne. He d 31Jul1963. Res: Sherburne, NY. Ch:
a) Dorothy Marie, b 28Dec1918, m 16Dec1942 Edwin F, son of Carl & Gertrude (Thurston) Adwards, b 20Feb1918. Served in WWII Philipines. Res: Sherburne, NY. Ch:
A) Lorrie Ann Adwards, b 28Oct1947.
B) Karen Marie Adwards, b 19Jan1949.
b) Jean Estelle, b 14Mar1922, m 1st 27Feb1943 Robert L, son Albert H & Ruth (Burnap) Krause, b 5Dec1919, m 2nd Walter Burton. Ch:
A) Allan Robert Krauss, b 13Nov1944, m 1Jul1967 Jacqueline Parker. Ch: i) Brent Allen Krause, b 13Nov1968.
B) Beth Marie Krause, b 31Jul1948, m 6Jan1968 Steven Jarvis. Ch: a) Bradford John Jarvis b 26Feb1969.
C) Steven Bruce Krause, b 3May1950.
D) Bonnie Jean Burton, b 30Apr1954.
E) Walter Burton, Jr, b 16Jun1955.
F) Brian Benedict Burton, b 4Sep1958.
c) Bruce Archibald, b 12Aug1932, m 27Nov1954 Sandra Swarthoat, b 5Aug1933. In 1960 he is teaching biology in Rome Free Acadamy, Rome, NY. Spent one year in Alaska. Ch:
A) Michael Bruce, b 21Aug1957.
B) Deborah Lee, b 1Feb1960.
2) Lawrence Eugene, b 28Jul1897, m 11Apr1923 Caroline Smith, b 30Jun1888, d 19Dec1959. Served US Army WWI overseas. He d 26Feb1945. No Ch.
VI) - Lana Grace, b 23Oct1876, m 28Nov1901 Clarence O. Johnson, b 29Oct1871, d 19Jul1911. Ch:
1) C. Benedict Johnson, b 25Jan1905, m 30May1930 Ruth Ray, b 20Mar1909. Res: Williamsville, NY. Ch:
a) Jay Anthony Johnsonm, b 17Apr1935.
b) Lynn Johnson, b 28Jun1938.
VII) - John Nelson, b 5Oct1878 N Norwich, NY., m 24Dec1902 Grce Edith Wilcox, b 9Mar1882. A pioneer in the automotive industry in the Sales Field. In 1905 established the Cadillaqc Agency in Sherburne, NY and was founder of the Benedict Corp of Norwich, NY. He d Oct1958. Ch:
1) John Frederic, b 15Jun1910, m 19Jul1933 Gladys Eileen Frasure, b 3Mar1908. Naval Air Force WWII 4 years. Commander as Personnel Director for the Naval Air Training Command. Broker at State Tower Bldg., Syracuse, NY. Res: same city. Ch:
a) Barbara Ann, b 6Jul1936, m 26Dec1956 Allan Castle. Res Royal Oak, Mich. Ch:
A) Gregory Allan Castle, b 6Dec1957.
B) Caryl Ann Castle,m b 13Mar1959.
b) John Frasure, b 28Feb1938
c) Charles Wilcox, b 8Oct1946
VIII) - Walter Whitman, b 24Jun1881 Sherburne, NY, m 12Aug1908 Bertha Bell Holcomb, b 21Dec1880, d 19Nov1958. Funeral Dir. at S. Ch:
1) Nelson Holcomb, b 14Feb1911, m 13Jun1942 Helen Wilson, b 17Jun1918. Ch:
a) James, b 6Oct1949
b) Ann Wilson, b 20Oct1951
2) Dr Robert John, Sr., b 4Sep1912, m 31Jul1943 Elizabeth, dau Van & Eva (Dart) Reynolds, b 13May1915. For a short time a Florida resident. Dentist residing in Sherburne, NY. Ch:
a) Robert Jr, b 21Jun1945
3) Edith Annis, b 13May1914, m 5Jul1941 Frederick Fox, b 25Aug1914. Res: Sherburne,m NY. Ch:
a) Barbara Fox, b 1May1943
b) JoAnn? Fix, b 16Oct1944
c) Frederic Benedict Fox, b 29Apr1946
4) Grace Louise, b 14Nov1915, m 3Oct1954 Robert John, son Eugene & Beatrice (Ellis) Bloom. Res: 201 Brentwood Dr. Syracuse, NY. Ch:
a) Robert John, Jr (Bloom) b 12Nov1956-Twin
b) Grace Louise Bloom, b 12Nov1956-Twin


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