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(Always a Work-in-Progress)


This publication was created with several goals in mind. The primary one was to document names of historical significance in the City of Medicine Hat. Unlike some other publications it contains not only the names that have an origin of a person’s name, but names within the boundaries of Medicine Hat that are unusual and/or are no longer in use and should be listed for historical reasons before they are lost forever. An example of that is the name “Ten Commandments” given to a group of houses in the ‘Hat. However, I have separated out those names that are not of a personal name origin to another section in this document.

The second goal was to provide a ready means for historians and genealogists to reference such information.

The third was to provide a means of editing existing data or adding to the listings as time goes on as new streets, structures, etc., are added into the community. These updates can be done by anyone who cares to get signed on to this site. One of the benefits of a wiki-style web site is the ability to have multiple contributors.

That is why I decided to publish this document on line rather than as hard copy in the form of a book.

Thus I invite submissions to me by any means, including via email with the address shown at the end of the document. Please note the copyright notice there as well.

And lastly, doing this project was a means for me to get acquainted or re-acquainted with people and places in the ‘Hat, after quite a few years absence. My own family roots go back to before 1900 in this community and this is a way for me to contribute in a small way to preserving some local history.

Section one is the portion that documents the streets, buildings, parks, bridges and geographic areas in Medicine Hat that were named after a person. In some instances a name may well honour an entire family rather than a specific individual, as in those cases there have been several family members contribute much to the community. As I research more of these names, I hope to have as many as possible to be correct in their origins.

I have also included the street names in Veinerville, although this is a separate hamlet, and not strictly speaking, part of Medicine Hat. The street names often show up on a street map of Medicine Hat and I include Veinerville for that reason.

Note that the Appendix will contain, amongst other items, old maps of city streets, old photos, and links to other web sites of interest.


The staff at the City of Medicine Hat, and especially Larry Godin, City Clerk.

The staff at the Medicine Hat Museum and Archives, and especially David Stewart.

The Medicine Hat News

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-- EarlMorris - 02 Mar 2010
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