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Alexander Vachon

Born Born August 16, 1885 at St. Raymond, Quebec
Died Died March 30, 1953 at Dallas, Texas
Married Married Date to Who at Location


  • Father:John A. Vachon
  • Mother:Mary Davidson


  1. Child 1
  2. Child 2
  3. Child 3

The Parents of Alexander

The parents of Alexander Vachon were John Vachon and Mary Davidson.

Alexander’s Early Years

Alexander Vachon was born August 16, 1885 in St. Raymond de Portneuf Quebec. He was one of 13 children. Alexander was educated in Quebec and at Laval,B.A. 1906; Ph.M 1907; Th.M, 1909; S.T.D. 1910; M.A. 1911; D.Sc. 1935; L.L.D. 1936; Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He became a leading chemist and biologist, was a member of several scientific acadamies, and director of the National Research Council and the Fisheries Board of Canada. Alexander did all of his studies in seminaries of Quebec. He was ordained priest May 22, 1910 and he taught chemistry and geology, directed the Student House of Laval University (1918), then the Advanced Chemistry School (1926). A doctor in theology, Father Vachon received a doctor of science degree from the university of Montreal and occupied various administrative positions. He was president of the Canadian Institute of Chemistry, director of the biological station of the Saint Lawrence, president of the pharmacy school, governor of the Canadian Brodcasting Corporation, etc. From 1938, where he was named Domestic Prelate, His Excellency embraced a new career--leader at the Quebec seminary, Rector of Laval University, vicar general of the diocese. Elected Coadjutor Bishop of Ottawa on Dec. 11, 1939, he is honored under this title by His Excellency Forbes, assisted by His Excellency Nelligan and by His Excellency Joseph Charbonneay, all from Ontario. On May 22, 1940, he became Archbishop of Ottawa. He died on March 30, 1953 in Dallas, Texas.

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Was rector of Laval University, dean faculty of science there 1937-1940; former director of Maison des Etudiants, and Station biologique du Saint-Laurent; ex-mem.;bd., of govs., Cadn. Radio Broadcasting Comn,;major and chaplain, 5th Regt. Signal Corps; former mem.,Biol. Bd. of Can.; dir., Nat. Research Council of Can.; mem., Candn. Chem. Assn. (past pres.); Candn. Inst. of Chem. (pres., 1933-35); pres. Sch. of Pharm, Laval Univ.; Soc. de Chimie de Quebec; fellow, Roy. Soc. of Can.; mem., Candn. Acad. of St. Thomas Aquinas; author of "Traite elementaire de Chimie", 1914; 2nd ed. 1923; 3rd ed., 1932; and "Mineralogie, Geologie, Botanique", 1919; has traveled extensively throughout Can. and U.S.A.; visited Alaska and Yukon mines, 1923; rep., Laval University, at Univs. of the Empire Conv., at Oxford 1921, Edinburgh and London, 1931; rep., Cardinal Villenevue at Internat. Eucharistic Cong., Buenos Aires, 1934 and Buda-Pest 1938; has frequently visited Europe, S. Am. and Africa; asst. in organ. Marian Cong., Ottawa 1947; apptd. by His Holiness to Coll. of Assistants to the papal throne and cr. a Roman Count Sept. 1947; K. of C. (state chaplain); recreation; bridge; Address: Archbishop's Palace, Ottawa, Ont. (The above footnotes were from Les Archives De L'Archidiocese De Quebec. Published in The Canadian Who's Who (including Newfoundland) with which is incorporated "CANADIAN MEN AND WOMEN OF THE TIME" A Biographical dictornary of notable living men and women Vol. IV 1948 Founded and first published 1910. Toronto 1, Canada Trans-Canada Press).
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