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Mabel Benedict

Born Born 3May1865 Warwick, Orange County, New York
Married Married Unmarried
Died Died 21Jan1955


  • Father:Benedict, William Lewis Rev1814
  • Mother:Burt, Phoebe1818

Mabel’s Early Years

Benedicts of America, Vol II, Pg 147 Mabel, b 3May1865, teacher. Spent many years in the then called "Government Indian Service." She taught in the Indian Territory of Okla., Nev., Ariz. and Calif. In 1905 she spent three years in the Methodist Church Mission in Alaska. Retired upon return to U.S. About the time of WWI, taught in NYC schools until retirement.

Mabel taught in the native mission school in Unalaska, Alaska Territory (Dutch Harbor). She adopted Sophia Swanson, an Aleut child whose mother was widowed young.


William L Benedict (7) was the son of William (6), James (5), James (4), James (3), John (2), Thomas (1), the first Benedict in America in 1638. On Feb. 26, 1835, William L. Benedict married Phoebe Burt, third daughter of Benjamin Burt and Elizabeth Ketcham of Bellvale. They had sixteen children, Eliza, Charles, Thomas, Frances, James Burt, Clara, Gilbert, Howard, William, Almira, Fredrick, Fannie H., Louis, Elizabeth, Clarence and Mabel. All grew to manhood and womanhood. Two boys died in the Civil War.

1870 US Federal Census: Warwick, Orange County, New York; Roll: M593_1070; Page: 624; Image: 332. Post Office: Bellvale. 20Jun1870

  • Benedict, Wm L, age 55, male, white, farmer, value of real estate: 12, 000, personal: 3,000, b NY
  • Benedict, Phebe, age 52, female, white, keeps house, b NY
  • Benedict, Clara, age 25, female, white, at home, b NY
  • Benedict, Howard, age 22, male, white, at home, b NY
  • Benedict, Ella, age 18, female, white, at home, b NY
  • Benedict, Fred, age 16, male, white, at home, b NY
  • Benedict, Fanny, age 14, female, white, at home, b NY
  • Benedict, Lewis, age 12, male, white, at home, b NY
  • Benedict, Lizzie, age 10, female, white, at home, b NY
  • Benedict, Clarence, age 7, male, white, b NY
  • Benedict, Mabel, age 5, female, white, b NY
  • Hornby, Eliza, age 34, female, white, at home, b NY
  • Hornby, Mary, age 8, female, white, b NY
  • Hornby, Alfred, age 5, male, white, b NY
  • Hornby, Jennie, age 3, female, white, b NY

1880 US Federal Census: Warwick, Orange County, New York; Roll: T9_912; Family History Film: 1254912; Page: 390.2000; Enumeration District: 45; Image: 0158. 30Jun1880. James W Benedict Enumerator

  • Dolson, Asa, male, white, age 77, wid, herder, b NY, parents b NY
  • Hornby, Eliza, female, white, age 44, wid, teacher, b NY, parents b NY
  • Hornby, Jenine, female, white, age 13, attended school, b NY, father b England, mother b NY
  • ........Next Door........
  • Benedict, Wm L, male, white, age 65, married, farmer, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Phebe, female, white, age 62, wife, married, housekeeper, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Ella, female, white, age 28, dau, single, at home, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Fannie, female, white, age 24, dau, single, teacher, b NY, parents b NY
  • Benedict, Mabel, female, white, age 15, dau, at home, b NY, parents b NY

1900 US Federal Census: Res: Pyramid Lake Boarding School (US Indian), Nevada Agency, Washoe County, Nevada; Roll: T623 943; Page: 18A; Enumeration District: 51. 26Jun1900

  • others
  • Benedict, Mable, teacher, white, female, b May'65, age 35, single, b NY, parents b NY. Owner of home: Govt Cottage, Employees

1910 US Federal Census: Ramapo, Rockland County, New York; Roll: T624_953; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 116; Image: 314. 28Apr1910

  • Benedict, Mabel, head, female, white, age 43, single, b NY, parents b NY, teacher, bible school
  • Benedict, Ella, sister, female, white, age 58, single, b NY, parents b NY, not employed
  • Benedict, Fanny H, sister, female, white, age 54, single, b NY, parents b NY, not employed
  • Tilton, Eleanor B, boarder, female, white, age 14, b Alaska, parents b Mass
  • Swanson, Sophia, adopted dau, female, white, age 10, b Unalaska, father b Sweden, mother b Alaska
  • Benedict, Robert B, nephew, male, white, age 10, b NJ, parents b NY (Robert Putnam Benedict, orphaned son of her brother Clarence Edward and Hallie (Sheldon) Benedict)

1930 US Federal Census: Albany, Albany County, New York; Roll: 1403; Page: 14A; Enumeration District: 69; Image: 359.0. 14/15Apr1930

  • Benedict, Georgia, head, rent, $70, female, white, age 51, single, b NY, parents b NY, librarian, book selection (dau of brother Gilbert Hartwell Benedict)
  • Benedict, Mabel, aunt, female, white, age 64, single, b NY, parents b NY, not employed

Information on adopted daughter Sophia Swanson

Census Area List of boroughs and census areas in Alaska Aleutians West Aleutians West Census Area, Alaska Area
  • - Total 212.3 sq mi (549.9 km²)
  • - Land 111.0 sq mi (287.5 km²)
  • - Water 101.3 sq mi (262.4 km²)
  • - Elevation 13 ft (4 m)
  • - Population (2007)
  • - Total 3,836
  • - Density 38.6/sq mi (14.9/km²)

Unalaska in Aleut is a small city in the Aleutians West Census Area of the Unorganized Borough of the U.S. state of Alaska. Unalaska is located on Unalaska Island and neighboring Amaknak Island in the Aleutian Islands off of mainland Alaska. According to 2005 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city is 4,347. Almost all of the community's port facilities are on Amaknak Island, better known as Dutch Harbor or just "Dutch". It includes Dutch Harbor Naval Operating Base and Fort Mears, U.S. Army, a U.S. National Historic Landmark.

Dutch Harbor lies within the city limits of Unalaska and is connected to Unalaska by a bridge. Amaknak Island is home to almost 59 percent of the city's population, although it has less than 3 percent of its land area.

The Aleut or Unangan have lived on Unalaska Island for thousands of years. The Russian fur trade reached Unalaska when Stepan Glotov and his crew arrived on August 1, 1759 .The Unangan people,who were the first to inhabit the island of Unalaska, named it “Ounalashka” meaning ‘Near the Peninsula’. The name Unalaska is probably an English variation of this name. The regional native corporation has adopted this moniker, and is known as the Ounalashka Corporation. Dutch Harbor was so named by the Russians because they believed that a Dutch vessel was the first European ship to enter the harbor.

On October 18 1867, the United States purchased Alaska, making Unalaska part of the U.S. territory. In 1880, the Methodist Church opened a school and a clinic for orphans in Unalaska. Between 1899 and 1905, the Gold Rush brought many ships through Dutch Harbor where the North American Commercial Company had a coaling station. During the first half of the century, the island was touched by numerous epidemics, first in 1900, and then in 1919 the Spanish flu touched the island: these contributed to a dramatic decrease of the population in Unalaska.

1900 Census of the United States, Census of Alaska: Unalaska Town, Southern, Alaska Territory, Unalaska, Southern Supervisors District, Alaska; Roll: T623 1832; Page: 16B; 26Jun1900

  • Swanson, Sophia, head, mexican, female, age 26, wid, b Nov1873, b Alaska, father b Germany, mother b Alaska
  • Swanson, Henry, son, mexican, male, age 4, b Sep1895, b Alaska, father b Sweden, mother b Alaska
  • Swanson, Sophia, dau, mexican, female, age 2, b Jul1897, b Alaska, father b Sweden, mother b Alaska
  • Swanson, Agnes, dau, mexican, female, age 11/12, b Jun1899, b Alaska, father b Sweden, mother b Alaska
Note: although color is listed as Mexican (MX), it should be Mixed Race (Native)

Note: Sophia's brother and sister remained in Unalaska

-- SandeeToo - 28 Jul 2008
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