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Capt. John Benedict

Family reference: 45

Born Born   Oct 1689   Norwalk, Fairfield co., Conn.
Married Married 1st   Rachel Starr location
2nd   Ruth location
Died Died   Feb 1771   Danbury, Fairfield co., Conn.


  • John Benedict 3, (James2, Thomas1)


Children: with Rachel Starr

  1. Lieut John Benedict; 1717-1792
  2. Josiah Benedict b bet 1717-1728
  3. James Benedict b bet 1717-1728
  4. Joseph Benedict; 1728-1815
  5. Jachin Benedict; 1727-1785
  6. Sarah Benedict; 1729- m. Crofut
  7. Rebecca Benedict; 1730- m. Matthew Crofut
  8. Phebe Benedict ; 1722-1801 m. Samuel Benedict1722
  9. Rachel Benedict; m. Ebenezer Benedict

Rachel Starr and Family

Rachel was born in 1690 in Danbury, Fairfield County, CT and died in February of 1765, reaching the age of 75 years. She was the daughter of Josiah Starr Sr, b ca 1658 Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, he d 4Jan1715 Danbury, Fairfield County, CT. He is buried at Wooster Street Cemetery, Danbury, Fairfield County, CT. Rachels mother was Elizabeth Hicks who d 1691. Josiah and Elizabeth were m Apr1672 at Hempstead, Long Island.

Per History of Fairfield County, CT, compiled by D. Hamilton Hurd, pub 1881 by J. W. Lewis & Co of Philadelphia:
Mr. Josiah Starr came to Danbury from Long Island soon after its first settlement. He had six sons, from whom the many families of that time have descended. Joseph Mygatt, from Hartford, afterwards married Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin Starr, eldest son of Josiah, and settled in this town, from whom are the families of that name. Chd: Hannah STARR, John STARR, Rachel STARR, Florence STARR, Thomas STARR, Benjamin STARR, John STARR, Rachel STARR. He was married to Rebekah WHITNEY Children were: Josiah STARR, Samuel STARR, Comfort STARR

Per History of Fairfield County, CT, compiled by D. Hamilton Hurd, pub 1881 by J. W. Lewis & Co of Philadelphia: Mr. Josiah Starr was the first Town Clerk of Danbury, and the 2nd Justice of the Peace, holding the office a short period of time, having died 4Jan1715 at the age of 57.

Josiah Starr [1657-1714/15] founded the Danbury (CT) Branch of the family after a stop in Long Island, NY, where he married and raised a family. He arrived in Danbury with his six sons shortly after the Danbury Eight first settled the town in 1684. In May, 1702 he was one of the six patentees of the town, and was the first town clerk. Most of the Starrs of that area are descended from this family.

Per History of Danbury, Fairfield County, CT.
"The first settlers having purchased their lands of the Indian owners, became proprietors of the town. The town was surveyed in February, 1693, by John Platt and Samuel Hayes, of Norwalk. The survey bill declares the length to be eight miles from north to south, and the breadth six miles from east to west. At the session of the General Assembly in May, 1702, a patent was granted, giving town privileges to the inhabitants and proprietors of Danbury. The patentees named are James Beebe, Thomas Taylor, Samuel Benedict, James Benedict, John Hoyt, and Josiah Starr. In this act the boundaries were fixed according to the former survey.

"The first justice of the peace who was appointed was Mr. James Beebe. The first town clerk was Mr. Josiah Starr. For many years after this time there were Indians living in town, who held their lands separate from the English people by known bounds. It does not appear that they were ever troublesome ; but in the time of the wars, which were in the early part of the century, in which the French used great exertions to excite the enmity of the natives against the English settlements, it became necessary to provide some means of security. The house of Mr. Samuel Benedict, at the southeast corner of the street, and the house of Rev. Mr. Shove, on the eminence near where the two former meeting-houses stood, were placed in a posture of defence. When they were apprehensive of danger, all the families used to repair to these two houses, especially nights. But it does not appear that they ever had any serious alarm. In October, 1708, it was enacted by the General Assembly that garrisons should be kept at Woodbury and Danbury, if the council of war should judge expedient. It thence follows that this was then a frontier town, but we have no account that any garrison was ever maintained here at public expense.

The first representative from this town to the General Assembly was Mr. Thomas Taylor. He was for many years a useful man in the town, and died January, 1785, aged 92. He continued the longest of any of the first settlers. The second justice of the peace was Mr. Josiah Starr. He held the office but a short period. He died January 4th, 1715, aged 57. The next to him in office was John Gregory, son of Judah Gregory, one of the first settlers. James Beebe, Jr., was successor in office to his father who died April 22d, 1728, aged 87. It is noticeable that James Beebe, the father and the son, each bore the several offices of justice of the peace, captain of the militia, and deacon of the church. The father having commanded the military company of the town for many years (said to be thirty), on his resignation led them to the choice of a successor, which fell upon his son. The fifth justice of the peace was Thomas Benedict, son of James Benedict, a first settler. Samuel Gregory, son of John Gregory, the former justice, was next appointed to that office. The next to him was Comfort Starr, youngest son of Josiah Starr, Esq. These seven justices of the peace are all that have been in town prior to those now living. It is worthy of remark that in five instances that office has been sustained by father and son. The town clerks have been in succession: Josiah Starr, Israel Curtis, Thomas Benedict, Thaddeus Benedict, Major Taylor, and Eli Mygatt. The Probate District of Danbury was established by act of Assembly, October, 1744. It then contained the towns of Newtown, Ridgefield, New Fairfield, and Danbury. Reading and Brookfield have since been added. Before that time this town belonged to the district of Fairfield. The first judge was Thomas Benedict, Esq. He held the office until his death in 1775. The present judge was then appointed.

"Now, for a more full confirmation, know ye that the Govemor and Company assembled in General Court, according to the command and by virtue of the power granted to them by our late souverein Lord, King Charles the Second of blessed memory, in the late patent, bearing date of the twenty-third of April, in the fourteenth year of his majesty's reign, have given and granted, and by these presents give and grant, ratified and confirmed, unto James Beebe, Thomas Taylor, — Samuel Benedict, — James Benedict, —John Haite sen' r,— Mr. Josiah Starr, and unto the rest of the present proprietors of the township of Danbury and their heirs and assignes for ever, and to each of them in such proportion as they have already agreed upon for the division of the same, all of the aforesaid tract or parsels of land, as it is bounded and purchased, together with all the woods upon lands, arable lands, meadows, pastures, ponds, waters, rivers, islands, fishings, huntings, fowlings, mines, mineral quarries, and precious stones upon or within the said tract of land, with all other profits and commodities thereto appertaining, and do also grant to the forenamed Mr. James Beebe, Mr. Thomas Taylor, John Haite, Sr., Samuel Benedict, James Benedict, Josiah Starr, and the rest of the present proprietors, inhabitants of Danbury alias Pahquioque, to them, their heirs or assignes forever, tract of land shall be forever hereafter deemed, reputed and to be an entire township of itself, to have and to hold the said tract of land and premises with all and singular the appointments together with the privileges, immunities, and franchises herein given and granted to the said Mr. James Beebe, Mr. Thomas Taylor, — John Haite — Samuel Benedict, James Benedict, Josias Starr, and the other present proprietors, inhabitants of Danbury alias Pahquioque, their heirs and assignes forever, according to the tenour of his Majesty's manner of East Greenwich and the County of Kent, in the Kingdom of England, in free and common socage and not in cap p' to or Knight's service, they yealding and paying therefore to our Souverein Lord the King, his Heirs and successors, only the fifth (jmrt) of all the ore, gold and silver which, from time to time and at all time, shall hereafter be gotten there, had, or obtained in lieu of all Rents, services. Dues, and demands whatsoever, according to charter. In witness whereof we have caused the Seal of the Colony to be attached hereto this twentieth day of May, one thousand seven hundred and two, and in the fourteenth year of our Souverein Lord, King William the third, by the grace of God, of England, King Defender of the faith. " By his Honor's command, " S. Kimberly, Sec. "J. Winthrop, Governor."

Per History of Danbury, Fairfield County, CT.
The first place of burial chosen by our ancestors was that on the Wooster Street of today, and we find here in good preservation a number of old headstones. at the eastern end of the enclosure, we find an upright slab of gray granite, with the inscription nearly obliterated, which marks the grave of Josiah Starr, born September 1st, 1657, in Charlestown, Mass., and died in Danbury, January 4th, 1715-16. He was the founder of the Danbury branch of the Starr family, and came here in 1693. His wife, Rebekah, died July l0th, 1739, aged 74 years, and is buried beside her husband.

Inventory of the estate of Captain Josiah Starr, of Danbury, was made July 3d, 1715-16, by John Cornwall and John Gregory. He had " property at Pocono by Ensign Knap, prop'' near Benjamin Stevens, prop'' next Thos. Hoit, prop'' at Pocono next Abraham Wildman, prop'' at Grassy Plain by John Benedick, prop'' bought of James Crofoot, prop'' bought of Samuel Beebe, prop'' bought of Thos. Picket, prop'' bought of Thos. Taylor, prop'' next . . . Benedick, prop'' next Daniel Taylor." He left widow Rebeckah, six sons and two daughters. Estate of Thomas Starr inventoried April, 1734. Elizabeth Starr administratrix.

John's Life and Times

All the remaining information comes from probate records. John's will was proved on March 25, 1771 and the estate was distributed on May 15th of that year. His widow was named as Ruth. John was styled Captain and was a member of the Connecticut legislature between 1739 and 1765.1

Notes on the children:

  1. John Benedict; 1717-1792 m Lydia
  2. Josiah Benedict b bet 1717-1728 m Sarah
  3. James Benedict b bet 1717-1728 m Mercy Nobles
  4. Joseph Benedict; 1728-1815 m Elizabeth Hall
  5. Jachin Benedict; 1727-1785 m Sarah Starr
  6. Sarah Benedict; 1729- m. Joseph Crofut/Crowfoot. He d 1763 Danbury, CT. Chd: Daniel.
  7. Rebecca Benedict; 1730- m. Matthew Crofut/Crowfoot
  8. Phoebe Benedict; 1722-1801 m. 9Dec1742, Danbury, CT Samuel Benedict ; b ca 1721(4)(7.) Samuel4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Thomas1. They had 10 Chd, all b Danbury, CT: i) Samuel b 28Jul1744, ii) Abigail b 31Jul1746, iii) Eleazer b 27Dec1747, death noted in Barbour Collection, but undated. iv) Phoebe b 22Jan1750, v) Mary b 15Apr1752, vi)Joanna b 21Nov1754, d 1Oct1776 Danbury, CT. vii) Rebecca b 22May1757, viii)John b 4Feb1760, d 4Feb1780. ix)Asa b 22Aug1762, x) Elijah b 15Nov1765, d 23Nov1822.
  9. Rachel Benedict; b 1720 d 1Sep1776; m. ca 1743 Ebenezer Benedict; 1718-1796. Ebenezer was the son of Samuel Benedict1675 and Abigail Pickett1678.


Per Benedicts to America, Vol I, Pg 283
James2, Thomas1
James was born at Southold Long Island; removed with his parents to Norwalk, CT, and there married 10May1676 Sarah, dau John and Sarah Gregory, b 3Dec1652. He was one of the eight who purchased and settled Danbury, CT. He sold his property in Norwalk, 26Mar1691. He m 2nd, prior to Mar1707-08, Sarah, dau of Robert Porter and widow Abraham Andrus, b 20Dec1657. [Abraham Andrus died 3May1693] He survived until Aug1717, certainly, when he deeded propety. He was b 6Feb1649/50. Chd:
1) - Sarah b 16Jun1677
2) - Rebecca b 1679; m 17Jan1704/05, Samuel Keeler Jr, of Norwalk, CT; d 20Mar1709 (Hall, p 201)
3) - Phoebe b 1682; probably m Thomas Taylor2. James b 1685; first white male child born in Danbury, CT
4) (3.) John b Oct1689
5) (4.) Thomas b 9Nov1694; d 4Jul1776
6) - Elizabeth b Jul1696; probably m Samuel Taylor

Per Benedicts To America, Vol I, pg 284:
Capt John3, James2, Thomas1
b Oct1689; m 1st Rachel (Starr), b 1690, and d Feb1765. Information derived from probate records. His will was proved 25Mar1771, and distributed 15May1771. Real, 608lbs, 6s.; clear movable estate, 111lbs 13s. 10d; widow Ruth; ch. John, eldest son; Josiah, second; James, third; Joseph, fourth; Jachin, youngest; wid. Sarah Crofut, eldest daughter; Rebecca, wife of Matthew Crofut; Phoebe, wife of Samuel Benedict; Ebenezer, grandson; Rachel, wife of David Barnum, grandau; Ruth, wife of Caleb Benedict, grandau; the last three, ch of Rachel, who m Ebenezer Benedict. He was styled Captain, and was a member of the CT legislature in Oct1739, Oct1747, May 1749, May1750, Oct1755, May1764, Oct1764, and May1765. He d Feb1771. Ch:
1) (10.) John b 1717
2) (11.) Josiah
3) (12.) James
4) (13.) Joseph b 1728
5) (14.) Jachin b 1727
6) - Sarah m Crofut
7) - Rebecca m Matthew Crofut
8) - Phoebe m Samuel4 (7.) Benedict [des. of Samuel]
9) - Rachel m Ebenezer4 (6.) Benedict [des. of Samuel]

Information on the children derived from Norwalk, Fairfield County, CT Genealogy Registry (Hall), Norwalk, Fairfield County, CT - 1847 Historical Records, Barbour Collection - Danbury, CT, LDS 1435525, Danbury, Fairfield County, CT


  • Biography in Henry Benedict p. 284.1


  1. "Genealogy of the Benedicts in America", by Henry M. Benedict; 1st pub. 1870; orig. avail. at Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington, DC.

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