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Joseph Benedict

Born Born   1680   Norwalk, Fairfield, Conn.
Married Married 1st 9 Dec 1709 Anne Joseph St. John at Location
2nd 21 Mar 17201 Mary Groom Pitman Ridgefield, Conn
Died Died   5 July 1763   Norwalk, Fairfield, Conn.


Children with Anne Joseph St. John:

  1. Joseph Benedict; 1708-1790
  2. Gideon Benedict; 1710-1748
  3. Anna Benedict; Dec. 17, 17132 -

Children with Mary Groom Pitman:

  1. Samuel Pittman Benedict; Jan. 31, 1721 - 17752
  2. Jonathan Benedict; Feb. 2, 1721/2; - Sept. 18002
  3. Mary Benedict; July 25, 17262 -
  4. Ezra Benedict; Aug. 19, 17302 -

Child (unknown mother):

  1. John Benedict1

Joseph and Anne Joseph St. John

Anne died at the birth of her fourth child1 on December 9, 1716 at Ridgefield, Connecticut. There is a son not accounted for (see note below) in Benedict Volume I2 but a John is described in Benedict Volume II1. This John may possibly have been born at that time.

Thus, only the first three known children were born with Anne; the others were born after 1721.

Joseph and Mary Groom Pitman

Mary Pitman (or Pittman) was born in 1680 at Norwalk, Fairfield county in Connecticut. Joseph married her on March 21, 1720, three years after Anne had died in labour1.

Church, Land and Family

After living a few years in Ridgefield, he moved to Newtown, near New Milford. In 1733 he bought from Joseph Ruggles a whole right-of-land in North New Milford township where he built a house. It lay on the west branch of Wauccoe Creek at Shepaug Neck.

On Dec. 9, 1734 Joseph was excused from paying his "Minister's rate" in Newtown for the four months of winter in case a minister was called to Shepaug in the spring. He joined the church in New Milford by letter from Newtown. It was nearly 30 years before the other church was built.

In 1739 he joined the church in New Milford by letter from Newtown.

In 1751 he gave 16 acres of land near Cranberry Swamp to his son, Jonathan, and the same amount east of the swamp to another son, Samuel Pittman1.

Joseph's Final Years

In his will, proved August 3, 1755, he names all of his children except for Ezra and John, appoints a guardian for Aaron, son of his son, Gideon, deceased, and orders his son, Jonathan, to pay 20 sh. each to the heirs of Gideon. The will is on file in Woodbury, Connecticut1.



  • Family reference: 26
  • Family Tree: Benedict Generations
  • Lineage: Joseph Benedict3, (John2, Thomas1)
  • Books:
    • GBA-I p. 512
    • GBA-II p. 391


  1. "Genealogy of the Benedicts in America", Vol. II by Elwyn E. Benedict; 1st pub. 1969; orig. avail. at Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington, DC.
  2. "Genealogy of the Benedicts in America", by Henry M. Benedict; 1st pub. 1870; orig. avail. at Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington, DC.

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