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Benedict Generations

Descendants of James Benedict 1649/50-1717

Continued from the Descendants of Thomas Benedict:

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Second Generation

1.4 James2 Benedict (Thomas1); born at Southold, Long Island; removed with his parents to Norwalk, Connecticut, and there married May 10, 1676, Sarah, daughter of John and Sarah Gregory; born on Dec. 3, 1652. He was one of the eight who purchased and settled Danbury, Connecticut. He sold his property in Norwalk, March 26, 1691. He married 2nd, prior to March, 1707-8, Sarah, daughter of Robert Porter and widow of Abraham Andrus; born Dec. 20, 1657. [Abraham Andrus died May 3, 1693.] He survived until August 1717, certainly, when he deeded property.1
View the biography of James Benedict.

Known children of James Benedict and Sarah Gregory:

    1.41   i.   Sarah   b. June 16, 1677.
    1.42   ii.   Rebecca   b. 1679; d. March 20, 1709.Note A
    1.43   iii.   Phoebe   b. 1682; probably m. Thomas Taylor.1
+   1.44   iv.   James   b. 1685; d. 1761; first white male child born in Danbury.1
+   1.45   v.   John   b. October 1689.
+   1.46   vi.   Thomas   b. Nov. 9, 1694; d. July 4, 1776.
    1.47   vii.   Elizabeth   b. July 1696; probably m. Samuel Taylor1.

  • Note A: Rebecca married Jan. 17, 1704-05, Samuel Keeler Jr., of Norwalk, Connecticut (per Hall2, p. 201).

Third Generation

1.44 James3 Benedict (James2, Thomas1); born 1685; married Mary, daughter of Abraham and Sarah (Porter) Andrus, his stepsister; born May 18, 1689. He was a Deacon of the Congregational church in Danbury. His will, dated Sept. 16, 1760, mentions wife Mary, children, James, Benjamin, Hezekiah, Thomas, Mary, Phoebe, Abigail and Sarah; grandson, Michael, and granddaughters, Anna and Amy, children of son John, deceased. Will proved June 23, 1761. Witnesses, Captain John Benedict and Lieutenant John Benedict. Inventory filed Oct. 20, 1761, 2,461.1
View the biography of James Benedict.

Known children of James Benedict and Mary (Porter) Andrus:

    1.441   i.   James   b. 1710; d. March 3, 1777.
    1.442   ii.   Benjamin   b. 1712; d. May 22, 1797.
    1.443   iii.   John.    
    1.444   iv.   Hezekiah.    
    1.445   v.   Thomas.    
    1.446   vi.   Comfort   d. unmarried, prior to Sept. 1760.1
    1.447   vii.   MaryNote A    
    1.448   viii.   Phoebe   b. 1719; m. 1st Abram Stevens; m. 2nd, Peter Castle.
    1.449   ix.   Abigail   m. John Bristol.
    1.44A   x.   Sarah   m. William Hamilton.

  • Note A: Mary married 1st Israel White; married 2nd 1.323 Ebenezer Benedict, descendant of Samuel.1

1.45 Captain John3 Benedict (James2, Thomas1); born Oct., 1689; married 1st, Rachel, born 1690, and died Feb., 1765. Information derived from probate records. Will proved March 25, 1771; estate distributed May 15, 1771; real, 608 6s.; clear movable estate, 111 13s. 10d.; widow Ruth; ch. John, eldest son; Josiah, second; James, third; Joseph, fourth; Jachin, youngest; widow Sarah Crofut, eldest daughter; Rebecca, wife of Matthew Crofut; Phoebe, wife of Samuel Benedict; Ebenezer, grandson; Rachel, wife of David Barnum, granddaughter; Ruth, wife of Caleb Benedict, granddaughter; the last three, children of Rachel, who married Ebenezer Benedict. He was styled Captain, and was a member of the Connecticut legislature in Oct., 1739, Oct., 1747, May, 1749, May, 1750, Oct., 1755, May, 1764, Oct., 1764, and May, 1765. He died Feb., 1771.1

Children of Captain John Benedict and Rachael:

    1.451   i.   John   b. 1717.
    1.452   ii.   Josiah.    
    1.453   iii.   James.    
    1.454   iv.   Joseph   b. 1728.
    1.455   v.   Jachin   b. 1727.
    1.456   vi.   Sarah   m. Crofut.
    1.457   vii.   Rebecca   m. matthew Crofut
    1.458   viii.   Phoebe   m. Samuel Benedict[1.324], descendant of Samuel.
    1.459   ix.   Rachel   m. Ebenezer Benedict [1.323], descendant of Samuel.

1.46 Thomas3 Benedict (James2, Thomas1); born Nov. 9, 1694; married Abigail, daughter of John Hoyt, one of the original settlers of Danbury, Connecticut. He was fifth justice of the peace, appointed May, 1738, and first judge of the district, and held both offices until his death. He was a member of the Connecticut legislature for thirty-one sessions between May, 1737, and Oct., 1766, inclusive. He was chosen Deacon, Sept. 19, 1770. He died July 4, 1776.1
View the biography of Thomas Benedict.

Children of Thomas Benedict and Abigail Hoyt:

    1.461   i.   Sarah.    
    1.462   ii.   Molly   m. Joseph Starr; d. 1745.
    1.463   iii.   Thomas   b. 1727
    1.464   iv.   Thaddeus   b. Nov. 1, 1728.
    1.465   v.   Elizabeth   b. 1729; m. James Taylor.
    1.466   vi.   Elisha   b. April 2, 1736.
    1.467   vii.   Margaret   b. 1743; d. April 25, 1808.
    1.468   viii.   Robert   b. 1744.
    1.469   ix.   Mindwell   m. Hamilton.
    1.46A   x.   Thankful   m. April 2, 1760, Nathan Gregory.
    1.46B   xi.   Hannah   m. 2nd, Samuel Perry.

Fourth Generation


  1. "Genealogy of the Benedicts in America", by Henry M. Benedict; 1st pub. 1870; orig. avail. at Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington, DC.
  2. "The Ancient Historical Records of Norwalk, Connecticut; with a plan of the ancient settlement, and of the town in 1847" ; compiled by Edwin Hall, Pastor of the First Congregational Church; pub. by Baker & Schribner, New York, 1847.

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